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Welcome author Tina Gayle today

Please give a warm welcome to author Tina Gayle today as we talk about her latest release, Marketing Exec's Widow.

1. What started your interest in writing?
I enjoyed creating stories in my head when I was a child. Then to get me reading, my mother introduced me to romance novels. I fell in love with them and dreamed of some day writing love stories. I can’t imagine writing anything else because I’m an optimist. I love the happy ending.

2. What is your book(s) about?
I like to write story that address the issues and problems that women face, but I also like the emotion and excitement with falling in love. I work hard to blend the two in the hopes of creating a story that I enjoy and that will appeal to my readers.
3. What do you do when you’re not writing?
As much as I’d like to say I am doing fun and exciting things, I’m a normal person who cooks and cleans.  For fun, my husband and I love to travel and play golf.  We live in a beautiful country and have some awesome natural parks. We have visited most in the western states, just need to get to the east coast now.
4.What genres do you write in?
We a number of pseudonyms, I have written romances in a number of genres: action adventure, syfy, spiritual, suspense, murder/mystery, young adult, erotic romance, erotic mysteries, westerns,
5.Is there anything you would tell aspiring writers?
First, I’d ask why are they writing? If it’s to get publish, then learn everything they can about the business before they write the book, because they may find it is not what they believe it to be. Second, if they are writing for the love of writing. Then write, don’t worry about getting publish, write. The publishing part of it can always come later. Learn the craft first, and be happy with doing the best job you can at writing.
6. If you write a series do you reread your previous books before you begin the new one?
It depends on how long ago that I wrote the prior book in the serie. Most of the time, I don’t have to read the prior stories. I’ve lived my characters lives and know what they have been through. The details are what needs to be checked, like dates, scenery, names of certain places.   
7. What do readers have to look forward to in the future from you?
I had a book that I’m reworking called Tainted Rose. It is a romantic suspense about four women who live in a 55+ community in Sitwell, AL.  I am working on cleaning it up and hope to submit it to Random house. It has taken longer than I expected for it to come together but won’t give up until it’s available to readers.
8. When and where do you like to write? Are there any favourite places you like to go?
I like best to write in my office. It is a bedroom in my house where I have my desk, writing books, find inspiration, and feel at home. I normally, tried to write after lunch. That way, I get all my errands run and email taken care of, giving me the ability to focus just on my writing.
9.What has been the defining moment in your career that made you think “Yes, I am now a writer!”?
My first defining moment was when I sold my book “Pregnancy Plan” to The Wild Rose Press. It confirmed for me that I was a writer and had what it takes to be an author.
10. If a movie or TV production company chose to produce your books into a series of shows or movies, who would your ideal cast be?
This is an interesting question because my son works in live theater so I know a number of unknown actors who I’d love to see in a production of my books. My book “Summer’s Growth” is one I’d like to see Sandra Bullock and George Cloony as Mattie and Quincy. Then fill the rest of the cast with actors and actress that I know personally. Would make for an interesting adventure. Here’s to it happening some day.
Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog and I hope everyone has an awesome holiday season,
Tina Gayle

Executive Wive’s Club Series

(Contemporary romance with strong women fiction elements)

Four women...
One fatal car wreck...
Everyone's lives changed...

"Marketing Exec’s Widow”
Book 1 Blurb-

Letting go and rebuilding a life comes at a price.

Having come to terms with losing her husband, Jennifer is ready to move on, but she faces opposition from her friends, in-laws, and brother-in-la. He see himself as her future husband. None of them know of Jen’s marital problems and she is afraid of their reaction when they learn she has a date for Friday night?

Hagan Chaney is not anything like Craig. He tempts Jen into the future but is she willing to give love another chance after the heartache she faced the 1st time around?

Excerpt –
“Thank you.” Jen tilted her head and narrowed her gaze. His tall, lean form topped hers even with three-inch heels on, a welcome rarity from the men she usually met. In addition, he had strawberry-blond hair, a known weakness of hers. The reddish-gold locks danced along the collar of his black shirt, teasing her with the idea of running her hands through the thick mass. Her fingers twitched. She dropped her gaze. Tight jeans covered a round, squeezable butt. Hot awareness suddenly sizzled, stunning Jen with its power. She knotted her hands into fists and fought the unwelcome attraction.
No way, I’m his real estate agent, not his date for the evening. And it’s only been four months since...
 “Elkhorn’s main street isn’t large, but the Little League baseball field and the restaurants should attract people to the area.” Hagan’s dark brown…no, hazel, his eyes were hazel she realized abruptly when his gaze met hers. He cocked a brow. A sexy smile teased the corner of his lips. Oh, darn, the man had nailed her ogling his backside.
Heat burned her cheeks. The air between them sizzled. Goose bumps popped out on her arms. Her internal timer ticked off each day she’d gone without sex—well over a year.
His smile grew wider and visions of his mouth melting onto hers slammed home the impossibility of the situation.
Give it up, girl. It’s not happening.
She swallowed and searched the room for a distraction, some way to gain control of her raging hormones and maintain the professional image she’d strived so hard to develop the last five years. “I agree. It is in a great location.”

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An author with over 30 books, Tina Gayle writes in a number of different genres: Romantic contemporary (as Tina Gayle) and  Erotic Romance. Her books range from contemporary, paranormal to mystery and suspense
As an indie author, she has worked hard to have a social presence and reach her readers. You can visit her website and read the 1st chapter of any of her books.  Or you can download a free ebook and join her newsletter group.

Find Tina Gayle everywhere

Home - www.tinagayle.net
Blog - www.tinagayle.blogspot.com
Twitter - https://twitter.com/#!/AuthorTinaGayle
Goodread - http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/1641826.Tina_Gayle
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/tina.gayle

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