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Guest Author Day with Maya Taylor

Welcome Maya Taylor today tot he blog.

Thanks for stopping by to talk a little about your writing! Let's jump right in. When did you begin writing and why? I love the written word. With my active imagination, writing fiction was a natural fit. I started writing short stories when I was about seven years old, and then I wrote poetry as a teenager.

Do you have a favorite genre? Is it the same genre you prefer to write? My favourite genre is romance—historical and paranormal. I usually write paranormal romance, but my current work-in-progress is a historical paranormal short story, a prequel of sorts to some previous work.

Do certain themes and ideas tend to capture your writer’s imagination and fascinate you? I’m all about persuading my reader to believe the unbelievable. I want them to ask, “What if?” I also enjoy crafting twists-and-turns in my story lines… just to keep the reader guessing.

How do you balance long-term thinking vs. being nimble in today's market? I write for the pure love of writing; publishing success is a pleasant side effect. I choose my topics based on what I want to write, not on what will sell. I do have a long-term marketing plan, and I keep on top of current market trends.

How do you find readers in today's market? As a reader, I am constantly bombarded with new content. I receive emails from several book advertisers—promoting new releases and bargain books—on a daily basis. As a writer, I use these services with the understanding that readers have a great amount of choice. I also use my blog Maya’s Musings and my website to reach readers. Engaging on social media—Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Goodreads—is a must. Readers are using social media so authors need it too.

Do you come up with the hook first, or do you create characters first and then dig through until you find a hook? It depends. Sometimes, like in my latest release A Vampire’s Tale, the characters come to me first. And, sometimes, I dream up one awesome line, and it evolves into a story.

How do you create your characters? They come to me in various ways… dreams, flashes of madness…

What's on the top of your TBR pile right now? Book 4 of the Outlander series, The Fiery Cross.

Tell me a little about the characters in A Vampire’s Tale. Marisa Clements and Corgan Halton are my main characters in A Vampire’s Tale. Marisa is a struggling author of paranormal romance novels. Becoming an author was a huge risk for her that came at a high personal cost. She chose the genre of paranormal romance—and vampires, in particular—because of its recent popularity. In reality, she’s a paranormal skeptic. Corgan is an ancient vampire who selects Marisa, a woman who haunts his psychic visions, to write his life story. His existence has no meaning and is merely a matter of survival. He no longer desires this existence.

Where’s the story set? How much influence did the setting have on the atmosphere/characters/development of the story? The story takes place in Chicago, Illinois. Did location influence story development? I don’t think so, but it provided a colorful backdrop!

If you had to write your memoir in five words, what would you write? She did the right thing.

How often does your muse distract you from day to day minutiae? Usually—unfortunately—it’s the other way around. Writing often takes a back burner in my day, making my writing time a precious commodity. I carry a notebook and pen in my purse for whenever inspiration strikes.

What do readers have to look forward to in the future from you? I am juggling a ton of projects at the moment. Stay tuned for a sequel to A Vampire’s Tale and a YA fantasy.

The best laid plans…
Marisa Clements was never satisfied writing the ‘gossip column’ in the local paper and she quit her job to follow her dream of writing fiction. Floundering in an unforgiving industry, she wrote about vampires, a popular subject she considered fascinating but as real as unicorns, to pay the rent.

Corgan was tired of human misconceptions about vampires and ‘living’ as a vampire. He planned to tell Marisa his story and end his existence. It was no coincidence Corgan selected Marisa to write his story. With the ability to see the future, he knew she would be a major part of it. He knew if they met, she would help him die, but in doing so, she’d be doomed to the same fate. Once they met, their futures would be irrevocably intertwined.
Corgan began to care for Marisa and finally revealed the truth to her. He admitted his quest to atone for his past sins had put her in grave danger from a nest of revenge seeking vampires. Corgan must claim her for her own protection. But claiming her is not enough, he must ask for help from his wizard friends and his maker in order to destroy his enemy or Marisa will never be safe.

Excerpt from A Vampire’s Tale:

… My heroine Marisa faces two would-be assailants before my hero Corgan valiantly swoops in and saves her …

Lost in thought, the last half of her coffee had grown cold, and she didn’t want more, anyway. The coffee shop was deserted except for the lone attendant. It must be later than she realized. Her stomach churned, and something akin to fear gripped her. She had the strangest notion she had to go home. Now.

Leaving the mug on the table, she walked out of the restaurant without a second glance. Her step quickened as she heard frightening sounds in the darkness. Almost home. She sighed.

Two strange men, with dark hoodies concealing their faces, stepped out of the shadows.

“Where are you off to in such a hurry, pretty lady?”

She ignored the speaker and continued walking.

“Hey, we're talking to you.”

The largest man of the duo blocked her path while the other grabbed her by the back of her neck and yanked her into the alley.

Every fiber of her being wanted to flee. “Let go of me,” Marisa demanded.

“Not until we've had some fun.”

She tensed and clenched her fists. “Maybe you didn't hear me clearly before, asshole. I said let go!”

The man in front of her pulled out a knife, the metal reflecting in the dim light of the moon.

Heart racing, she struggled against her attacker, trying to kick her way free.

“The lady doesn't want to play tonight, fellas. I suggest you find a new friend.”

The man behind her released his grip, and the two thugs inched away from her. “Hey, man. We didn't mean any harm.”

Corgan stepped in front of her and waved his hand in the air. “You were never here. You never saw me. If you ever see this lady again, you will run away from her and won't know why. Am I clear?”

They nodded blankly.

“Then go, before I change my mind.”

Marisa fell into Corgan’s arms as her would-be assailants dashed down the street. Sobs racked her as she shivered uncontrollably. “You saved me.”

“I should've been here sooner.” Holding her tightly, he stroked her hair. “Nothing will ever harm you again.”

Surrounded by the safety of his strong arms, she had complete faith in him. She leaned into his embrace and sighed.

“Do you trust me?” he asked.


“Hold on.”

He scooped her up in his arms and floated into the air. His black cape swirled around him as they rose higher. Then they soared over the city, high above the buildings.

“Wow. I had no idea.” As he flew through a wet cloud, she snuggled closer. “Don't drop me, okay?”

He chuckled, a deep and throaty sound, as if she amused him. “I'll try not to, little one.”

“Well, try hard, mister. I'm too pretty to fall from the sky and smash on the sidewalk.”

“Yes, it would be a shame to mar your pretty face.”

Returning below the clouds, he lowered them onto a curved, marble balcony. With a wave of his hand, the double French doors swung open. Light from many flickering candles illuminated the room.

“Where are we?”

“My place.”

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About Maya
Maya Tyler is a multi-published author of paranormal romance novels. An avid reader, Maya writes the books she loves to read—romances! She believes in true love and the magic of “True Love's Kiss.” Maya’s paranormal romances come with complex plot twists and happily-ever-afters. Maya draws inspiration for her characters from her real-life experience and educational background. Her degree in Commerce has influenced the creation of her business-minded characters.

When she’s not writing, you can find Maya enjoying her favourite things—hanging out with her family, reading, and drinking coffee (especially Starbucks French Roast)!

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