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Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing excerpts of the angelic characters from a work in progress, THE DARKNESS WITHIN, Book Three by Angelica Hart and Zi.



Mechanicsville, Virginia - Isda’s Push

Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. - Luke 6:38

It was an average day, in an average week, in an average town, and Jimmy Kline was bored. It wasn’t easy getting used to retirement. He soon discovered his wife had her own life already carved out, flitting off to church this and that, craft that and this, lunches with those that went with her to this and that, and here he was alone, again with nothing to do.

He retired to the south to be near his kids and grandkids, who all lived outside Richmond, and although, they oft called for babysitting duty, grands were in school, his grown children working, and not being a golfer, angler, hunter or bar fly, he wasn’t having much luck on finding kindred buds.

So here he was, munching on another salad at Chick-fil-A. He almost went from something nasty and calorie ridden, but he had this heart thing and he wanted to stick around to watch his Emma do this and that, his grands play that and this and his kids complain about how hard they had it. The last thought made him smile, remembering how he used to do the same. Every generation thought they had it the worst, but in truth, life was just a balance of both hard and easy, depending on the day.

Upon finishing his lunch, he tried to think about what to do with the rest of his day. Chores weren’t an option, just didn’t feel like it, the closest movie house was too far, and the weather had that strange look to it, gray and about to get wet.

He sighed, “TV it is!”

As he approached his car he noticed a gray cat. It wasn’t scrawny, had bright eyes, a shinny coat and of all things, a yellow bow tied to its fur. No collar, though. Was it lost? After nosing around the trash can it came right up to Jimmy, and the retiree couldn’t resist petting it. “So, where did you come from, sweet little thing? Have a home? A family?”

The cat meowed and pawed at his leg.

“Whatja want little guy? Hungry?”

Another meow and then it dashed toward the restaurant.

Jimmy followed, laughing. “So, you understood me, huh?” Not really believing that, but knowing what he had to do. “Here’s the deal, I’ll get you a nice plain chicken sandwich, and then we’ll see about how to find you your family.”

Jimmy entered the restaurant and was about to place the order when he noticed a sign for contributions for the local soup kitchen. He didn’t remember seeing that sign earlier. It hit him at that moment, about his thoughts regarding easy and hard. In the end, his family oft fell into the easier side of living with good health, decent finances, good lives. Not that now and then, they didn’t have troubles, once a cancer scare, a few car accidents, finances stretched, but overall, nothing that couldn’t be overcome. Sort of like that cat out there, lost for a bit, but well taken care of.

After ordering a plain chicken sandwich, he asked for the manager and gave him two-hundred dollars towards the charity, all he had in his pocket.

“Whatever this will cover in sandwiches and salads, please send it over to the soup kitchen. I’m sure it will be something different for them,” Jimmy said.

The manager looked no more than twenty-two, and grinned. “Sure. Great. But whatever made you think of us.”

“The sign.” He pointed to the counter.

There wasn’t any sign.

Jimmy looked all about. Gone.

He blinked, confused, but let it go. It probably fell or something.

Leaving the restaurant, he looked for the cat and saw it in the back window of a van driving away. Its paws pressed against the glass.

Jimmy laughed, happy the cat found its owners or vice versa. “Guess I am going to have a sandwich after all.” Only the laughed halted the moment the cat blinked out of existence.

The manager of the Chick-fil-A thought Jimmy’s gesture, such a random act of kindness, he told corporate, who then started a campaign to collected donations for every soup kitchen near a Chick-fil-A with a sign at every register.

Humanity soars with a huge heart, shared. If you can feed a hundred people, do it.



Aether - Isda’s Push

Cats are angels with fur. - Sark

Isda’s cat shape appeared before Dove, as she swayed back and forth on her swing.

“Very cute, but you can’t push in that form.”

"I can enkindle and enliven hearts to glow gold."

"Indeed, but I want to sway and play. Be my angel."

Changing back to normal, he stood behind her and did as she bid. “It takes so little to do so much.”

Dove nodded pleasantly and after a speck in the span of forever, Isda gave a final push and with that, she jumped off the swing and flew upward as her spiritual bird self. Squawking, "Gggive... gggive... gggive." Silver feathers floated downward, out of the Aether, and into the Earthly realm, embolden everyone who touched them to be charitable.

Isda shouted, "The world has and will forever... give."

About the Story: The Darkness Within is a fast-paced supernatural thriller involving, kidnapping, romance, gypsies, and supernatural beings. The tale revolves around private detective Brie (Gabriella) Tyler's investigation of several missing young women believed to be runaways. Somehow, it connects to a past she cannot remember.   While trying to find his missing niece, Jake Marlo, the owner of prestigious private detective agency, crosses path with Brie. Independent and feisty, Tyler resists Marlo's help and romantic attention. The two collide as heinous henchmen and supernatural forces threaten to destroy their lives.

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