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Book Spotlight: The Devil on Her Shoulder by Mags Hayward

Title              The Devil on Her Shoulder  
(no series)
Author           Mags Hayward
Publisher       Fireborn Publishing
Genre            Contemporary erotic romance
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Heat rating             Two hearts

In blistering heat, recently-divorced Sarah reclines on a sun lounger, relaxing for the first time in months. A two week break in Cyprus couldn’t be more welcome, bringing much needed relief from her hectic schedule as a single, working mum. Having very little me time, Sarah now craves excitement. More than that, she hungers for a taste of wild passion. 

An attractive forty-two-year-old deserves some naughty fun, doesn’t she?  
And where better to find romance than on an idyllic Mediterranean island? With clear skies, spotless beaches and exotically balmy nights, Cyprus is the perfect location for fun, adventure and… well, who knows? 
When Sarah spots handsome twenty-four-year-old Joe from her poolside lounger, she’s immediately smitten. Charming and spirited, with a stunning, toned body, he’s Sarah’s perfect fantasy man. But, with her confidence shaken by a painful divorce, is she brave enough to pursue a younger man and embark on a whirlwind holiday affair? 

Sun, sea and steamy sex await Sarah in this light-hearted tale of sexual re-awakening and self-discovery.


Giggling like love-struck teenagers, Joe and Sarah rushed from the bar. They headed for the beach which, with their options limited, seemed the best place to go. Besides, sex on the beach… How naughty. Ted would never have entertained such exhibitionism. He'd have thought it common, lewd, and disgusting.
Good. Ted's disapproval made the idea all the more appealing. A shiver of delight rippled down Sarah's spine; the hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. Loving the sensation, she eagerly chased her daring accomplice towards the forbidden, moonlit beach.
The moon wasn't the only source of illumination on the narrow strip of sand alongside the harbour. It was floodlit from the promenade walkway with only small areas of darkness offering seclusion from prying eyes. It was scandalously exposed, but Sarah paid no heed.
"Slow down," she squealed as Joe raced ahead.
"Come on," he shouted teasingly. "Hitch that skirt up and run."
Kicking off her shoes, Sarah gave chase. She ran full tilt, bare feet sinking into the soft sand as she swerved between the neat rows of sun loungers. Suddenly, her toes struck wood. With a yelp, she stumbled, sending a lounger toppling. The dull thud of wood on sand was followed by a muffled shriek. She froze. There were people in the shadows. Peering into the gloom, she spotted movement close by—strange, twisting shapes that writhed in the moonlight. Her ears pricked up as she picked out soft scuffles and low moans floating through the air amid sighs as gentle as the rippling water.
Sex on the beach was rife that night—and she was about to join in. That would add a little danger to her boring, humdrum life.
Wait! Danger? Panic seized hold. Sarah inhaled sharply, her chest constricting as she tried to breathe. What the hell am I doing?
A hand touched her arm. "Sarah?"
Looking up, she found Joe at her side, concern obliterating his customary smile.
"Are you okay?" he asked. "Have you changed your mind?"
Frowning, Sarah gazed deep into his eyes. They were so beautiful, dark and lustrous. A world of passion resided in their depths.
"No," she said, smiling nervously. "I tripped. That's all. Clumsy me."
"You sure?"
"Yes, of course." Her eyes locked with his. "I want this. I want you."
Joe grasped her hand and helped her to her feet. "I'm glad." Pulling her close, he kissed her.
Sarah's whole body seemed to sigh when Joe pressed his mouth hard against hers. She parted her lips, darting her tongue inside his mouth, tasting him. Her kisses became urgent as she felt his erection rub against her abdomen. So hot, firm… She moaned, the sound rumbling in her throat.

About the Author:

Mags Hayward was born in North Wales close to the beautiful Snowdonia National Park. She was always interested in creative writing and, wanting to further her knowledge, attended London University, Goldsmiths’ College, studying English and Drama. While there, however, she fell in love with live theatre and subsequently pursued a successful career in Stage Management.

In 2006, Mags retrained as a teaching assistant. She began working one-to-one with children for whom school is a challenge. She still does this job today.

Mags started writing in 2012. She wrote a novel but failed to find a publisher for it. Undeterred, she joined several writing websites and started publishing short stories on-line. She soon found her niche writing erotica. 

The Devil on Her Shoulder, an erotic romance, is her first published novel. She is currently working on her second, A Need for Perfection.

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