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Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing excerpts of the angelic characters from a work in progress, THE DARKNESS WITHIN, Book Three by Angelica Hart and Zi.


Aether - Hael’s Tale of Kindness 

Hael: Angel of Kindness

The more you believe in angels, the more you see them all around, in friends, family and acquaintances. It’s amazing how much goodness you can see if only you believe. Wherever you go, whatever you do, may God’s angels watch over you. ~ Australia

The angel held out a fish, and the Osprey scooped from the sky and snared the meal. Hael liked to fish, and either threw his catch back into the stream or shared it with the predatory birds. It was strange how the Aether’s inhabitants imitated life on Earth. None needed to eat or sleep but mostly all did so for pleasure sake. The Osprey could even think of a fish and there it would be ready to practically jump into its mouth. Yet, hunting its own or believing it snared it from Hael, was more rewarding.

Just as having a small pack of critters following him about like pets tickled him. There was Digit, a toy Bichon Frise, who lived in the front pocket of Hael’s overalls. Then there was Ivory, a chocolate lab, Trible, an ornery rabbit that kept stealing Digit’s food, Puddles, a Stallion who found humor in peeing on angel’s feet and a variety of others from snails, to turtles, to various birds.

Did Hael inspire their beauty and kindness or did they inspire his?

From afar one would think he was an angel of animals, but Hael was the Angel of Kindness. He oozed kindness and appeared more human than angelic. He was over six and a half feet tall, long and lean while gray-white hair rippled down to his waist, hiding stringy webbed wings that looked like intricate cobweb lacing. He had a hawk nose, small eyes, an assemblage of wrinkles crisscrossed his face, giving him the appearance of longevity. Freckles and age spots adorned large knuckled pale hands. Bare pigeons feet caused an awkward gait. His smile contained crooked teeth, yet, it didn’t deter from the warmth and gentleness it offered. Legend suggested that Hael’s unconditional kindness softened even the most hardened heart. The few demons who strayed into his path ended up wanting to return to heaven’s grace. Most demons steered far away, fearing his kindness was contagious.

“What’s that Digit?” Hael held up the little pup and listened with his mind. “Good idea.”

Hael spent his existence shedding kindness through all dimensions, and especially liked to nudge a small kindness into something that touched many.

He stroked Digit’s furry wings. “A very good idea, my friend.” He lifted him high above his head, as if a gift to the universe and his lord.

Digit tinkled.

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About the Story: The Darkness Within is a fast-paced supernatural thriller involving, kidnapping, romance, gypsies, and supernatural beings. The tale revolves around private detective Brie (Gabriella) Tyler's investigation of several missing young women believed to be runaways. Somehow, it connects to a past she cannot remember.   While trying to find his missing niece, Jake Marlo, the owner of prestigious private detective agency, crosses path with Brie. Independent and feisty, Tyler resists Marlo's help and romantic attention. The two collide as heinous henchmen and supernatural forces threaten to destroy their lives.

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