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Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing excerpts of the angelic characters from a work in progress, THE DARKNESS WITHIN, Book Three by Angelica Hart and Zi.


ANGELWINGS OF HOPE                                                                                                                 

Corning, New York - Cassiel's story
       Bible - The parable of the good Samaritan

Middle America was not more evident than in Corning, New York. This was the home of the glassware company. Those who worked at the plants were, using high school vernacular, the cool kids, whereas, others in town were Nerf toys. There was apt pride in getting and holding a job with the company, and for many females this was their opportunity to find a husband. Having said that, men of the company felt an entitlement that was sadly out of balance. The social dynamic was a twisted pathos that resulted in some abuses tolerated by ambitious females and boorish men. 

Not again, Natalie thought as her date pulled onto the shoulder of the back road and pointed to his crotch. Perry Bach Langley had hair so black it was streaked with blue highlights, eyes were deep and dark, face and body seemed carved from marble as a tribute to the gods. He was a double-dose of hot and hunky and had winsomely charmed a date out of Natalie.

She had been burnt so often by selfish, self-absorbed men, she had stopped dating for months. Kept turning down date after date, and she got asked out often. With extraordinarily large breasts, slender everything else and incredible blue eyes set in a sweetheart face, loutish men thought her a conquest.

Were they respectful? No. What did they want? What put her over the top was pouty, pink, luscious lips that men yearned to have wrapped around their penises.

Did she understand that truth? Yes. How? Tens of men forced that eventuality, without a hint toward commitment. Was that coincidental? No, men at the plants boasted and she became a trophy.  

Did she want that as her life? She wanted a husband and felt that was the price to pay. Was it? She was doing far more sucking than planning a future, thus, her recent reticence to date. Did she have a new plan? Not yet. Why the failure to pair-bond? Doing the same thing and expecting a different result was flawed.

Didn't she like it? She did but also craved the ideal of a meaningful reason to share it. Something had to change, but she was in a maze that kept ending up with her mouth full of hot throbbing man-meat while, her Vision Board was gathering cobwebs. And, her feelings, like the unfortunate fly, stuck in those cobwebs.

Perry was an important buyer for her company’s glassware. He was world traveled, infamous for stories of rock climbing adventures and his latest trip on a safari. A man's man who captivated a room with raw charisma. Yes, females swooned and men admired. Was he a catch? Yes, a prize to be mounted.

 Natalie worked in Public Relations, and though she oft heard of him, they just met. Natalie admitted that he metaphorically made her panties damp, reinforcing her shallowness.            Unbeknownst to Natalie, he had also heard of her reputation, her beauty, her inviting lips and her willingness to coddle him with those lips. Not just any man's steely mass but winners with brazen balls, prestige and stud-like looks. It was a given, they'd have a one-nighter, and if she was lucky, maybe two. But the given was he'd do what he wanted and she'd like it.

She believed he expected her to instantly accept his dinner invitation. She wanted to but caught glimpses of the same ole, same ole pattern. She didn’t know she was right.

Perry collected big lipped women and once he saw Natalie, he was determined to have her. He wooed her with cooing words, sent her various small gifts, the usual flowers and candy, but odd things, too, like a Terrier shaped stapler because she adored the breed.

It was hearing he rescued a kitten off the street, and took it in, that wore her down. She didn’t know it was a lie. She agreed to a date, and now here she was, a half hour from home, on a dark road, his cock towering as her obstacle, given that he wanted her to go down on him before they even had dinner.

Would she? She had done this before, maybe far too often. Twice the date began and ended with that act. But would she do his? She leaned toward no.

Her silence was not a deterrent.

Her simmering anger was not a deterrent.

Her pushing against her door was not a deterrent.

“I’m all hyped up from work. I need some sugar. Will calm me down. Then we’ll get a bite at Le’Amor. I pre-ordered for us. If you do me twice, you can have dessert.”

“What?” she hated his arrogance. He wasn't the first to expect it as due, but the first who acted like she was no more than boobs and lips.

“Just do it.” He grabbed a handful of hair and tugged her toward him.


"You'll like it. They all like it."


"Everyone knows..." he did not finish his thought.

"No!" She knew what he was implying. Her cheeks popped red in anger not shame.

“You made me work hard enough for it, and the restaurant costs big bucks. Just do it.”

“What?” She felt like a recorder on automatic rewind.

“Ok, your little hard-to-get game was fun, but it is time to pay up. I'm about to burst. Do it now!”


"You are the cocksucker."

“I thought you were different. Shame on me for trusting you.”

“What?” He took a turn at confusion.

When would she stop choosing the wrong man? It was as if she wore blinders. Something though was peeling at those blinders, making her see the ugly tarnish behind his posh exterior shine. “Take me home.” The words came out sadly, coated with hopelessness. Normally, she would have sucked and dined and sucked again, a small, sad part of her wishing there could be more. Now, it simply wasn't enough.  "Take me home," she repeated.

“What?” He said again, repeating her pattern.

“I just want to go home.”

“You owe me, Bitch. Now, get going.” He began to unbuckle his belt.

“Go to hell!” She reached for the door handle.

“Ungrateful bitch! I told you to blow me, now!” He backhanded her acting like a privileged dolt who thought her his bought-and-paid-for property. The smite was loud and quickly flushed red. "Don't push me any further."

The pain was secondary to the insult of knowing she brought this on herself. Would she forever be an object rolled from one man to another? Her pride was ripped while her soul felt tattered. She would never learn? No! Would she just swallow his cum, she knew how to make it flow quickly, and just get home when his urges were sated? She could and probably would. Would her life be a series of blow jobs and superficial men? Tears welled up, spilled. Why? She knew that was her eventuality.

“Dammit!” he spat, ready to grab her head and force her. “You either put up or get out.”

Before either could happen, a hard rap sounded at the window.

A heavy-set young man with glasses, turtle neck and blazer identifying the Rockwell Museum, had bent over and looked through the window. “You guys need help? Flat? Gas? Tow?”

Perry rolled down the window. “We’re fine.”

The man outside the car surveyed the faces of the two. He noticed the pants open and her cowering across the seat. What was this?

Even though the light was dim he saw that her face was discolored, a bright red smear contrasting against bleached paleness. Her demeanor was that of a cringing pet afraid of being hit. That was wrong.

He stared into her eyes and was compressed by her fear. It was real and potent. This scared him, but also gripped the spirit of the young man who sat with his mother who always told him to protect the weak, no matter what price. Was the girl being victimized?

The opportunities to come to another's aid were few, and could have its peril. He ignored consequences. Still, he could be misreading. A second look at her trembling bottom lip, her mussed hair, paired against the look of the man's conceited arrogance told him differently. There was something truly amiss.

His usual mild demeanor transitioned. He braced his feet, fortified his bearing and leaned further toward the open window. Something inside him shivered. He ignored it. His duty was to her and his mother.

“Are you crying?” he said, looking at Natalie, his brows drawing together as he put his face close to the other man. “Why is she crying?”

“None of your damn business. Get the fuck out of here!” He asserted his machismo pushing what he thought a nerd.

“Take me home?” Natalie pleaded, already out of the car.

“Oh no you don’t.” Perry reached for her.

Natalie ran back toward the Good Samaritan's car.

Perry tried to open his door, shoving it into the other man. The stranger grabbed Perry by the tie and yanked him against the window frame. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Men understood the power of other men and Perry quickly realized that this was not a nerd but probably a runner who had apt body strength. Men also understood what battles to fight and this one was going to be a loss whether he won the fight or not. But the more important thing that altered the outcome was Perry believed he might get his ass thoroughly beaten.

Jeffery McCurry, a Good Samaritan to his tender hearted core, took Natalie home that night. On the way she realized that there was good in boring, unassuming guys. Amazingly, many weren't all that boring, just not on the radar, when they should have been. Against everything she normally held to be right she asked him on a date.

They went bowling and shared French Fries. He asked her for a kiss. There it was, he was everything she felt she wanted.

It took time for them to eventually have traditional sex. That was good. Why? They learned about each other. He was an intern, a history grad. He wanted a full time job at the museum. She played the piano and had stopped playing when searching for men in all the wrong places.

He soon became part of her life.

She became a huge part of his life.

Did he care she had a reputation? Not one minute of any day. And because he was a powerfully large man other's avoided to point that out. Why? The word was out that he'd kick their asses.

Unbeknownst to Natalie, Cassiel had scrubbed the mote moth’s residual blindness from Natalie’s eyes. She saw Jeffery’s heart and it was the most attractive soul she had ever encountered. In time, they’d marry and have five children. Those children would all became great humanitarians, that would change the lives of many around the world.

So the question that resonated was about oral sex. Yes, they did it, but because they were in love their honest obligation was from a sincere loving place. Neither took, but each enjoyed.  

About the Story: The Darkness Within is a fast-paced supernatural thriller involving, kidnapping, romance, gypsies, and supernatural beings. The tale revolves around private detective Brie (Gabriella) Tyler's investigation of several missing young women believed to be runaways. Somehow, it connects to a past she cannot remember.   While trying to find his missing niece, Jake Marlo, the owner of prestigious private detective agency, crosses path with Brie. Independent and feisty, Tyler resists Marlo's help and romantic attention. The two collide as heinous henchmen and supernatural forces threaten to destroy their lives.

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