Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Book Review- A Million Little Things by Susan Mallery

Welcome back to Mischief Bay and the residentswho live, work and lovve there. Susan Mallery delivers another wonderful story set in this magical tsmall town and you will fall in love with Zoe, Pam and the rest of the gang all over again.

My Rating for A Million Little Things- 4.5 Stars

For Zoe Saldivar, getting locked in her attic with her cat is the day she finally figures out her life is at a standstill. No boyfriend, a best friend, Jen, who is obsessed with her first child and has abandoned her friendship with Zoe and a life that looks to be as boring as ever. Zoe finds that in order to shake things up, she needs to stop living in isolation and get out of the house. First thing she does is join an exercise class where she reconnects with Jen’s mom, Pam. But when she meets Steven, Jen’s brother, well let’s just say butterflies in Zoe’s stomach turn to elephants stomping all over the place. But when a crisis happens to Zoe, she will find that when life happens, complications come around that will show not just Zoe the answers but also Jen and Pam as well.

I absolutely adore this author’s work. Her stories are filled with believable characters, captivating stories and full of so many wonderful feel moments that you can not help but get caught up with it all while reading it. I laughed, cried, cheered and growled my way through A MILLION LITTLE THINGS and loved every minute of it. The characters are what draw you in and steal your heart. We met Pam and Nicole in The Girl’s of Mischief Bay (book 1) and I loved revisiting her in book 3. It was fun to see how they are doing now and see how their lives are changed. Meeting some new characters-Jen. Zoe, Zoe’s dad, Miguel and more helped me love this small town even more. The story moves at a fast pace but doesn’t take away from story that connects Zoe, Jen and Pam.

A MILLION LITTLE THINGS is fun, sweet, tender and by god, totally addicting. This is an author who knows how to reel their readers in with each page flipped and subtly steal their hearts in the process. I loved seeing Zoe, Jen and Pam learn and grow as the story unfolded while I laughed at some of of the scenes with Miguel and Kirk’s partner, Lucas. Those scenes helped bring some joy and lightness to the story even as the reader winds their way through the story lines and falls even more under this author’s spell.

If you haven’t tried this author’s work before you need to race to get the books in this series or any of her other ones. All are amazing and you won’t resist after reading just one of Ms. Mallery’s book for another book of this author’s. I am eager to see where she goes next for her readers to enjoy and look forward to visiting Mischief Bay again in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

Mischief Bay Series:

Book 1: The Girls of Mischief Bay
Book 2: The Friends We Keep
Book 3: A Million Little Things

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