Thursday, March 9, 2017


Come join us in our expose' on Cassi from BEYOND THE THRESHOLD.  She is a fun-loving, full-bodied hottie, who has her own unique look and style.  We thought it would be fun to expose, with emphasis on the word expose some of her outfits over the next several weeks.


The next morning Cassi rose first and left to dress.

Beef, smelling the coffee brewing, slipped on a pair of boxers and sought out Cassi.

When he arrived in the kitchen she was cooking.  "Don't you look special."

"Thanks," Cassi reacted.

She was wearing a Raggedy Ann outfit.  Red yarn braided pigtails with blue bows, came from under a dust maid's cap. Her blue and white corset set off her abundance of tits.  The nipples were available for inspection.  White and red striped  knee-high socks rose from red mary janes.  That was all she wore.  Her foo-foo was undressed and ready to play.

Cassi bent over the stove stirring mushrooms in a pan. 

Beef crawled up behind her, grabbed her hips, and began kissing her derriere.   His oral interest found his mouth between her legs and on her vag's entrance.

"One second," asked Cassi as she turned off the heat under the pan.  She turned, dropped to the floor, spread her legs, and invited Beef to dine.

He braced muscular arms on either side of her, knelt between her bent, spread legs, but didn't enter her.  In his methodical way, he wanted to enjoy the sight and scent of his Cassi. 

The lace trim and red/white colored outfit framed breasts that should win awards for their perfection.  He dreamt of those breasts when he wasn't with her, and knew he'd never tire of fondling them, tasting them, looking at them.  And he did all three, adding a bit of a massage, coaxing a soft moan from her.  Only then did his engorged cock head nuzzle her clit, teasing it for a moment and then with a hardy, vexing laugh his head moved downward. 

His action was not totally unexpected, and a soft moan of anticipation mingled with a giggle that ended in a gasp as his tongue slipped over her clit, tickling it with a feathery bombardment.  Now and then, it would slide downward and plunge into her cunt, deeply, then just as quickly surge back up to give her swollen nub even more devilish attention. 

Cassi's hips began to move.  Her fingers clung to his head, encouraging more.  When he believed she was getting beyond arousal aiming toward climax, he tongue fucked her while using his thumb to continue to torment her clit. One arm slipped under her ass, heaving her closer, up and down, in and out, constant fucking until he experienced the tightening in her vaginal walls and the liquid fullness slipping over his tongue.  Finally after she released a long held breath and slumped in exhaustion, he lifted his head and grinned. 

"I munch for my breakfast.  Feed me!"

It didn-t shock Sheriff Adam McGreggor to discover the owner of the local seaside nightclub was once part of a sect. Hannah Holt-s entire appearance and attitude just didn-t fit her profession. Her reluctance to press charges against an assailant that left her battered and drugged, however, did shock Adam to his core. Even more jolting was his instantaneous attraction to this woman who fought his every advance.
But Hannah has a secret he cannot begin to fathom ... she is from a parallel world....
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