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Wrye Balderdash entered the office dressed in tails and popping open his top hat as he took a spin, balancing on a silver-tipped can. “A trampoline is perfect for what season, m’literary snoop?”

Tattle snatched up her parasol and bounced to her feet. “Spring-time!  And I know a blooming oak tree that told spring… what a re-leaf.”

“Corny to the core, madam.”

She batted her lashes. “And proud of it.”

“Ready for a spring time stroll?” He crooked an elbow for her to grab.

“Not til later, first our Love of Literature Leap Review.”

“Ah, then our attire must be more sophisticated than ole time.”

Upon changing into matching suits with Fedoras, the two leaped into a new review.

DIVIDE AND CONQUER (Champions of Elonia, #1) by Carmen Fox, an urban fantasy.

This story hooks you on the first page, no foreplay, just direct, intense action with the Shades attacking Nieve, warrior and Royal Champion. Nieve had one last mission before the King would finally release her. And the Shades weren’t going to make it easy. They used their magic, which forced Nieve to use her own. Despite not enough sun to refuel, she did what she had to do. Getting Lea back to the Elonian world and persuading her she was part of prophesy was paramount.

Lea, an intelligent scientist, intended to shine in her chosen field but wasn’t expecting to be snatched from her routine life and tossed into a world of magic or into the arms of a man who appreciated her quirky bent. Though knowing life held more than being a translator, Lea wasn’t convinced she was the chosen one. Having to battle Shades, who had their own plans for Lea, and learning to become a warrior under Nieve’s tutelage, wasn’t in Lea’s quiver of hopes and dreams. Neither was the friendship that soon bonded the two women.

Nieve does her duty, and despite emotional attachment being alien to her nature, she identifies the benefits of having Lea’s as a friend. At the same time, however, she meets a kindred warrior soul who makes her question her allegiances. 

The gods had created a divide between earth and the Elonian world. Those with powers of light and air wanted to preserve the divide and Lea was pivotal to that success. Those with powers of dark and earth planned to have the divide fall. But despite prophesy, the past could be rewritten and the future had yet to unfold and memories were slowly erased with each moment that passed. Lea and Nieve were pawns in a dangerous and possibly lethal game, where all might be losers.

“This action stuffed urban fantasy refuses to release you from page one til the last page.” Wyre had the look of one who had been up the entire night. “Each character has its own unique style and definition while the worlds’ backdrops are edgy and crisp. Carmen Fox created a unique universe and  a storyline that keeps directing the reader one way only to snap you back and force you in a different direction. Every snag is remarkably placed with every foothold disintegrating. It leaves you dangling and desperate for what comes next. This author displays a forward thinking literary style that hasn’t been experienced before. This is a must-read!”

“Having read other books in this genre, I was prepared for a shadowy reflection of stories I previously read. Instead, I was smacked upside the head with Fox’s new, unique voice.” Tattle tapped the back of her head for emphasis. “The magic and action scenes have their own defining qualities that unfold so vividly it is as if you are watching a movie rather than reading words. The dialogue indentifies each character’s individualism while the sprinkling of humor is much appreciated in this otherwise intense tale. The dual heroines with their own POVs gives the story extra dimension as they tackle secrets, romance, and betrayals. This brilliant debut novel will make an urban fantasy fan out of anyone. Don’t pass it up.”

Hope you enjoyed.

Happy Spring!

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat

Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi

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