Thursday, February 2, 2017


Alter-ego time!


The duo find themselves in BORN IN ICE by Linda LaRoque, a futuristic/sci-fi/romantic suspense.

Zana Forrester left her young daughter and elder mother to brave the unstable roadways in the year 2080. She lived in a world where global warming had taken control, and avalanches, like the one that killed her husband, were not uncommon. Having to survive and keep her family fed and warm, she works from home as a computer programmer, but now and then she had to leave to pick up supplies.

Not to overtax her mother, she had taken her baby boy Jonathan with her and left her daughter, Katy. Soon after they start out, they are consumed by an avalanche.

Seventy-five years later, Brock Callahan and his crew salvage a rare all-terrain vehicle buried in an iceberg. After outrunning a dreaded pirate, they take the vehicle aboard his ship. Inside, unconscious, Zana holds her dead son. In her time, drugs had been administered to keep tissue from freezing completely, which allowed for Zana’s rebirth. Her son had been too young for the treatment.

Hence, Zana awakes to a world much different from her own, without her son, and not knowing what had happened to her daughter or mother. Finding her daughter becomes her main concern despite being instantly attracted to Brock and the new life he can offer her.

Meanwhile, Brock, a window, is immediately dawn to the lovely Zana, and believes she would be the perfect wife and mother to his own daughter. Yet he refuses to love her. Death always follows those women he had loved. Both have their own agendas, but fate keeps them together as they battle through the dangers and heartache of the weather torn planet and its survivors’ tumultuous days and nights.

To further complicate their goals, a foreboding evil stalks them. Though Zana had been reborn, death is once again at her heels, threatening not just her but those she is beginning to love. 

Tattle whoops, “Wow! If you like adventure, suspense well-dosed with the unexpected and romance, this is the book for you. The prose pulsates with persistent realism despite being set in a futuristic world. You find yourself glancing out the window to remind yourself you don’t live in a city under the sea or a modernized cavern. The story absorbed me within the first paragraph, and I felt the characters pain and trauma. I became Zena’s and Brock’s cheerleader as their fortitude helps them overcome both physical and emotional bouts of intense ordeals. This read became part of my heart long after I put the book aside.”

Wyre nods in agreement. “The story itself captivated me.  The characters crawled under my skin and held me enthralled. I was in constant anticipation of what would happen next, and whether or not they would survive. The writing itself was so accomplished and well-done, I could almost hear a musical score adding to the background suspense. It was such an enjoyable journey, I found myself wanting to visit that world, meet the people, and applaud their bravado. Many books have captured my interest, but this one baited, hooked, and cooked me well. I am forevermore a LaRoque fan!”

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