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The eccentric duet take a gander at SILENT AUTUMN, a sci-fi romance by Veronica H. Hart.

“In 2179, Taylor Left Hand Female 8635 and Maximilian Male are fleeing the North like the White Rabbit late for a date.” Tattle hopes like a bunny as if for emphasis. “However, it remains to be realized if they’ll be late or on time to warn the West that the pseudo-elected president of the North and the Chairman of the South plan to destroy the Chairman of the West to obtain sole power over food production.”

“You heard her right, ladies and germs,” Wrye announces in a Vaudeville-like tone. “We’re talking about a futuristic non-united American. North, South and West are separate countries, and like ole Abe predicted, there is nothing standing strong about them.  The North and South are fully corrupt with rigged elections and drugged food to keep the citizenship pliant and obedient and unexpectedly infertile.”

“Yup, babies are created with artificial insemination.” Tattle’s expression turns sour. “Even Taylor had provided two children in her teens, which is mandatory since the population had dwindled horribly.  Now that her contribution is completed, she is a top cosmetic designer, tasked with the responsibility of making women more attractive to men so they’ll…”

Wrye interrupts as he makes a few insinuating gesture along with his infamous eyebrow jiggle. “Oh, yeah, baby, time for the wild thing, the horizontal tango, the foxy trot, the…” Pauses, winks and adds,  “You get my meaning?”

“Geeze, I think everyone this side of the Milky Way gets your meaning.” An elaborate sigh escapes Tattle, before she continues, “Only, in the North and South they aren’t doing the horizontal whatever. They are controlled with microchip implants and drugged-up lives. Taylor, however, at an out-of the way power station overhears and tapes the North’s President and the South’s Chairman making their nefarious plans. Once they leave, she is discovered by secret service. Maximilian saves her from a fellow secret service agent, Randall, who disregards the respect for life law and wants to kill her.  Hence, the escape followed by encountering a woman who commits suicide upon delivering her baby. Just what they need, instant parenthood.”

Holding up an imaginary microphone, Wrye spits out his questions in newscaster style. “However, just why is Maximilian helping Taylor?  What is up with all the unique and unexpected groupings of people in the West? And will they be in time to stop a catastrophe?”

Tattle snares the pretend microphone. “Veronica H. Hart writes a fantastic sci-fi themed story as if it is a contemporary novel. The reader is so integrated into the plotline that you are experiencing it rather than just reading. Especially, once Taylor comes out of her drug induced fog once she stops eating government food. You can’t help but be impressed that this timid soul is actually fierce, courageous and exceptionally maternal.  I, also, like how the book keeps you guessing. You never know who to really trust, especially when they encounter groups of people that seem to be helpful, but…  Then there is Maximilian, who keep things close to the chest one moment and is completely open the next. It creates an emotional roller coaster ride. You know the type that plunges nearly straight down and also turns upside down.” 

“There is a serious underpinning to this story that keeps your heart racing and your thoughts riveted to the storyline.  If you are able to put the book down, you are still thinking about the possibilities that could happen. The writing is snappy and quick, and the twist and turns are unexpected. Yet, here and there a campy light-hearted moment occurs that makes you smile.  Only, don’t get too attached to that smile, soon you’ll be driven by the story’s intensity once more. Can’t wait to see more from Veronica H. Hart.”

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat

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