Saturday, December 3, 2016

Book Review: Blood Storm by Steven Harper

An exciting sequel to Iron Axe and one that will keep you reading till the last page is read.

My Rating for Blood Storm: 4 Stars

For Danr, the half-troll, he ended centuries of fighting; he is still not living a quiet life that he longs for. Now rumors are abound of people having the power of shape again and if Danr can learn to wield it, he could be human and spend his life with Aisa. But he is not the only one who wants that power. When two of their friends are held hostage, Danr, Aisa and Talfi must face the fates, Death and a giant wyrm to get that power because if he fails then the enemies that are closing in will destroy all they know and love in one fell swoop.

When I picked up the first book, Iron Axe, it was on a whim and I was looking for something different to read. What I encountered was a story so amazing, edgy and consuming with characters you fell in love with that I immediately grabbed book two after I finished Iron Axe. If you haven’t read book one then don’t worry. The author does a great job in catching up readers in the beginning of BLOOD STORM but I highly recommend reading the trilogy in order to get all the nuances and meet all the characters from the beginning.

 BLOOD STORM picks up months later after the end of Iron Axe and we find Aisa, Danr, Talfi, Kalessa & Ranadar in the port town of Balsia. Things are not easy for them. When they go out in the public, some townspeople want to hear the story of how Danr saved the world; the other half just see him as a half-breed and is evil. But when problems come up between Danr and Aisa, well, let’s just say the enemies of this group of friends decide to use it in ways that will make you scream in agony and wait on the edge of the seat for more.

BLOOD STORM is also about strength…strength of character, of convictions and in oneself and others. Here we see a female character strong not in wielding a weapon and wining battles, but in her convictions and simply being themselves. That goes for all of our four main characters. Strength to do the right thing, to see what others see in themselves and more play a major point in the story. What thrilled me the most was how the author does a great job in showing these characters as they continue to grow and learn about themselves and each other, as they find they are needed in ways they never anticipated or dreamed and that doing the right thing means something totally different to another person?

What I loved the most about this book, heck this series so far, was how the author makes the characters so wildly different yet so enjoyable as well, even the bad guys had a few turns where I sympathized with them even as I rooted for Danr and his friends to defeat them. This is a new to me author and I am finding I can not get enough of this series. I am eager to get back into the story as these characters go on their last leg of the journey and discover more secrets. If you enjoy epic fantasy stories filled with magic, mystery, characters that brim with life and steal your heart then I highly recommend the books of Blood and Iron to you and am eager to see where this author goes next in the final book, Bone War.

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Book 1: Iron Axe

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