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Blog Tour and Giveaway~ THE STALKER by Marina Martindale

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We are super excited to be part of the book tour for
A new romance novel by Marina Martindale that promises to keep you reading from cover to cover!
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: August 31, 2016
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Rachel Bennett attended her ten-year high school reunion on a whim, but fate intervened once she saw Shane MacLeod. No longer the shy, gawky teenager she remembered, Shane has matured into a handsome and successful man, but her perfect evening ends when another man from her past suddenly reappears.
Craig Walker had been her mentor until he became jealous of her talent and success. Now he intends to either have her, or destroy her at all costs.
As Rachel’s family pressures her to take Craig to court, she can no longer ignore her nagging feeling that a tragedy is about to strike.
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Talking with author Marina Martindale
Q: I see that the titles of your books are short and to the point—The Journey, The Betrayal, The Stalker, to name a few. How do you come up with such great titles?
As you just pointed out, the most effective titles are short and to the point. Think "Star Wars" or "The Godfather." I try to come up with a noun, or a verb, that best sums up the premise of the story. I'm sure one of these days I'll have to come up with a three or four word title, however my next novel will be titled "The Letter."
Q: A lot of books feature high school reunions in their stories. What is it about reunions that make them a highly desirable plot device in stories? Why did you decide to include a high school reunion in The Stalker?
What better place to run into an old friend then at a class reunion? Unfortunately, I've never attended any of mine. Either I didn't hear about them, or when I did, I'd already made a commitment elsewhere on that date. That's one of the things I love about my job. I can write about things I've not been able to do in real life.
Q: Tell us about your villain, Craig Walker. What made him an evil person and worthy to be the villain in your book?
Craig is the classic Jekyll/Hyde personality, and trust me, those people are out there. Most people see him as a respected journalist, but he has a dark side that he keeps will hidden. Perfect formula for a devious villain.
Q: How do you come up with your characters, Rachel Bennett and Shane MacLeod? Are they modeled after anybody you know?
Rachel and Shane are both fictitious characters, and neither is modeled after anyone I know. I did, however, pay homage to a couple of soap operas I watched in my younger days. 
Rachel is named after a villainess on the now defunct soap, "Another World." Rachel was the woman we all loved to hate, and for many years her rival was the sweet and innocent Alice. Therefore, I couldn't resist the fun of naming Rachel Bennett's younger sister Alice. Of course in my book neither of them is a villain and they have a close relationship. By the way, the name, "Bennett" is for a real life friend who, like many of my friends, wanted to be a part of one of my books.
Shane too is named for a soap opera character, the dashing Shane Donovan on "Days of our Lives." Shane was a heartthrob on "Days" for many years. 
Q: What makes Shane the perfect man for Rachel, especially after all that she’s been through?
His loyalty. Many women wish they could find a man who'll stand by them through difficult times, but such men can be hard to find.

About Marina Martindale

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Just like Gillian Matthews, the heroine in her debut romance novel, The Reunion, Marina Martindale began her career as a graphic designer and artist, and several of her paintings have been featured in juried art shows. Over time, however, she discovered writing was her true life’s passion.
“I love creating conflicted characters,” says Martindale. “I think they’re more like the people we meet in real life. I also like the complexity of romance. It’s an opportunity to delve deep into the human condition and try to understand what it is that motivates us to make the choices in life that we make.”
Martindale draws her inspiration from her own real life experiences, as well as those of the people around her. The stories, however, are fiction.
“The path to true love is never an easy one,” adds Martindale. “Some are haunted by people from their past. Others have been deceived or betrayed by the people they trusted the most. We all make bad choices, even though we usually don’t realize it at the time. My stories are about the unintended consequences of those bad choices, how the characters resolve them, and how they grow and become better people as a result.”
Marina Martindale resides in Tucson, Arizona. In her spare time she enjoys music, traveling, photography, and cooking.
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