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WRITERS WRITE... WRITING PARTNERS FEUD ~ Review Paula Kennedy’s series Angels of the Night, DISCOVERY







Tattle waltzea into the office, dreamy contentment etching her face. “I was thinking.”

“Then keep going because the conclusion is the part where you get tired of thinking, and you might not start up again.”

“Huh?” Soakes off Wrye’s strange humor. “As I was saying, if money did grow on trees, autumn would be the best season ever, and in this part of the world autumn in upon us! Yea!”

“Huh?” Shakes off Tattle’s odd humor. “Speaking of autumn, it is strange that a time of year when everything is so beautiful is actually the time of year everything is really drying.”

“I think our funny bones might be dying,” Tattle muttered, and then aloud, “Time for our Love of Literature Leap review.”

The two leap into the first book of Paula Kennedy’s series Angels of the Night, DISCOVERY, a supernatural, vampire romantic young adult suspense.

“Hide! Hide!” The warning bursts from Tattle with urgency as they land in Chapter One.

“Ummm, m’snooping sleuth, the characters can’t see us.” Wrye pats Tattle’s shoulder.

“But it feels so real, and the killer is so creepy and totally merciless. I think we should move along, this is way too scary.”

Ut oh!” declares Tattle, still jumpy. “I saw that.”

“What?” Wrye’s head swishes back and forth, scanning.

“Shadows. Allison Webber sees them, too. Has always seen them, and thinks she might be a bit of a freaky-deaky. But, she’s not. Sure, she is a bit depressed having broken up with her boyfriend, Darren Clark, and is a bit unsettled about it being the second day of school, annnnd is slightly unnerved about the murder/suicide On St. Joseph Island, but it’s mostly about the shadows.”

“That part of the insanity is about to be explain. Her father takes her to his secret society meeting place, rather than school, where she discovers vampires exists, and dad a da daaaa, she is a mystic. Being very rare, she is one of the few who can help defeat highbinders, vicious female vamps.” Wrye makes a classic gonna-bite-your-neck face, with mouth gaping open and fingers clawed.

“She also discovers the vampires need to feed off her energy daily. Viola, hence the answer to the shadows that have been whisking in and out of her world!” Tattle winces. “The feeding hurts, but never had or will harm her. The Free Masons offer to make her the first female Mason, so they can protect her. But also so her assigned twin-hottie vamp bodyguards, Darcy and Thane, can siphon her energy for strength when taking out the latest vamp threat. There is a highbinder on a sadistic killing spree and it has been rumored she is hiding in plain sight at Allison’s school.”

 “Unlike the light vampires, physically different with their white blonde hair and pale complexions, the highbinders, and male counterparts, look human. The light vamps are working with the Masons in order to one day have a world where both species can co-exist peacefully.” Wrye forms a benevolent Buddha grin.

“Upon reluctantly agreeing to help, Allison finds herself drawn to Darcy and Thane, which is forbidden. To have love, she must became a vampire, but a female vamp is unable to resist the bloodlust and must be destroyed.” Mimes stabling herself with a dagger.”

Wrye uses a nasal tone, reminiscent of a 1930’s radio newscaster. “So the questions are: Can she find the courage to help defeat the highbinder preying on humans? Can she figure out which of the brothers has her heart, and which will betray her? Or will she become the ultimate victim, leaving the vampires to starve without their mystic to feed on?” 

“Kennedy’s Angels of the Night: Discovery is a brilliantly plotted book. Though it models the legendary vampire blood sucking scenario…” Tattle slurps air as if sipping on a straw, “…Paula Kennedy adds more complex and intriguing twists, which makes one eager to follow the series. The characters are fully formulated for a young adult audience, with Allison being true to a teenager’s personality with expressive hormonal reactions, uncertainties and fears. The romance is titillating while still in the proper parameters for a Young Adult drama. At the same time, the love-triangle interplay between Darcy and Thane and Allison has a fully mature tilt, allowing us older adults to enjoy the book as much as the young. It is a sensuous, thrilling ride, I’d certainly recommend.”

“Whooeee! Vampires, secrets, murders and romance, oh my. The complexities in this story kept me reading without stop. I walked around the house holding my reader while getting a bite to eat or answering the door. I simply couldn’t put it down. There were more twists and turns than a narrow mountain road. Just when I thought I had the answer, another question would unfold. This is not a series to be ignored, especially if you a vampire follower. The writing is snappy; the pacing quick; the characters believable. Read the books!”


Until next time, keep reading!
Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat

Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi


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