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Just to do something different we decided to share a recipe. You know us, we can't keep anything same ole, same ole. We like to shake it up.

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Appetizer - Up, Up and Away Teriyaki Wings  

A Discussion between Writers

A: Zi decided to have a Super Bowl party and asked for volunteers to cook.

Z: I was thinking I'd order pizza and you bring three appetizers.

A:  Your middle name is pizza.

Z: Nope, steak medium-well.

A: So, I brought two platters.

Z: I always let you win.

A: So kind of you.

Z: (blows on his fingers and brushes them against his chest) Just that sort of guy.

A: Well, m'humble partner in literary ventures, you also insisted on a dish that could fly.

Z: I wanted you to expand your horizons, reach for the stars, be inventive. (eyebrow wiggle moment)

A: Sooo, I decided to bring a dish with wings.

Z: And I must say they did fly right off the plate and into me mouth! 

What you’ll need –

Z: I know this by heart.

A: Cause you insisted on the recipe.

Z: Give a man a wing and you feed him for one party. Teach a man to cook wings and you feed him for every party.

A: A Zi fortune cookie, eh?

Z: I have a Chinese uncle twice removed on my cousin's side.

A: (blinks) Anyhootin, the recipe serves six. 

3 lbs of chicken wings separated at joint

1/2 cup brown sugar 

1/2 cup honey

1/2 cup Teriyaki sauce 

1/4 cup Soy sauce 

1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger 

1 heaping tablespoon minced fresh garlic

1/4 cup olive oil  - Salt and pepper optional (to taste)  

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

Rinse wings, pat dry with paper towels.

Place meat in a 9x13 dish (approximate can be a  - In mixing bowl, combine brown sugar, honey, Teriyaki and Soy sauce, ginger, garlic, olive oil, pepper and salt, mix well.  

Add mixture to wings, covering each wing thoroughly -

Bake in preheated 1 hour, turn wings over frequently.

Serve immediately or put in hot carrier and race to your destination. Beware of going over speed limit.  

Comments - Hide a few for yourself, otherwise, you won't get any. Yes, they are that good.

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