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Come join us in our expose' on Cassi from BEYOND THE THRESHOLD.  She is a fun-loving, full-bodied hottie, who has her own unique look and style.  We thought it would be fun to expose, with emphasis on the word expose some of her outfits over the next several weeks.


Cassi answered her apartment door with, "Merry Christmas, Beef." Her elaborate smile brightened her eyes, which expressed unique Joy to the World.


She was wearing a short red with white cotton ball-looking fringe hoodie top; hood up.  The garment did not make it to her waist.  "Kiss me."  She puckered, and closed her eyes as if awaiting a special kiss-gift, opened one to see when.

His lips pressed against hers softly with familiar ease and just enough pressure to encourage hers to part.  Tongues were shared, a teasing duel, as the two embraced.  Though she was a statuesque woman, his towering height and hard, bulky size made her feel petite and ultra feminine.

"You taste great," remarked Cassi.

"You look exceptionally boobie-ish."

"Remember whoever has the boobs makes the rules."

"Girl, you must be ruling the world."

Cassi pulled the hood back revealing reindeer antlers and drop-down ears affixed to a headband.  Dangling from one horn spike was a red and white decorative Christmas ball. 

"You are such a deer," quipped Beef.

"Kiss me!"

He grabbed her and slathered her neck with his mouth and interest, drawing a suck that rattled beneath her skin, tickled her insides; everywhere.  It was such an intoxicating kiss, inhibition altering, one that caused women to beg to be screwed.

The hoodie top could barely be closed, and her mammothly large boobs were popping forth, almost like trying to put far too many inflated balloons in a sack.

"Love your burst-forth with Christmas spirit.  You boobs tell me so."

"Kiss me."

"Flash me."

Cassi unbuttoned the hoodie and presented her boobage gift. Perfection in twin inflatable packages, adorned with inviting pinched pink nipples.  She was bombastic and taped two Christmas tree shaped sugar cookies to the nipples.  Beef had shared those tits before, but he was that dog who when their master came home acted like it was for the first time, frolicking.  He bit off both cookies, growling.  "Kiss me," she plead.   

"Deck the halls with bells of folly."  Beef pulled her close, using his index finger he tracked a line from the corner of her eye, circling her cheek, ending at her lower lip.  A heated Cassi sucked the finger into her mouth; deep, nursing on it, wanting more.  He pulled it from her as she hungry baby bird-ed after it.  He took his mouth and captured her lower lip, sucked it into his mouth, lathering it with his tongue.  Their mouth conjoined, with heat, wetness, fervor, and raw movement.

Buried in the soul of this man was a primal need to make her feel wanted, while enjoying the journey there.  There time together had conjoined their hearts and hopes.

Cassi chose to wear the smallest of red bikini cut panties, leaving little left to the imagination.  The design was that of a basketball net weave, having gapping gaps between the twine.  Beef knew she mowed the grass off of the playing field, but her panties confirmed it. 

"Naughty," he said.

"Trust me, it is also nice."

"But naughty feels so nice."

She stepped back, spun, the top fanned out.  "Do you like your present?  Want to open it?"

"Christmas is not about opening presents, as much as, opening hearts."

"Awww, you make me verklempt."  She reached out her arms, "One day you'll ask me, what's more important to me, you or my life.  I'll reply, my life.  You'll get hurt and leave without ever knowing that you are my life.  Kiss me."

They kissed as do lovers, not questing for lovemaking, but expressing that they did love.

Cassi looked at him, "What did you get me?"

"Something I hope you'll like.  It is just your size."

"I'm a big gal."

"It's big."

"Will it fit?"

"It stretches so we can make it fit."

"Well, give it to me."

"Kiss me under my mistletoe... belt buckle. That package you want is in my pants."

"So you have also been naughty, so all you will get is reindeer slobber."

She worked her mouth on his cock, knowing she was not going to be able to take it all in, but she would be able to pleasure it.  After fifteen minutes of mouth work, he came, whereas, she pulled it out so he could ejaculate on her face.  He did but most of it landed on her breasts.  She had the first gushing in her mouth, and it was quite a lot.  She swished it about in a playful way and then let it ooze rolling down her chin, then neck and ultimately her tits.

"Do it again," she begged.

"Let's shower." 

It didn-t shock Sheriff Adam McGreggor to discover the owner of the local seaside nightclub was once part of a sect. Hannah Holt-s entire appearance and attitude just didn-t fit her profession. Her reluctance to press charges against an assailant that left her battered and drugged, however, did shock Adam to his core. Even more jolting was his instantaneous attraction to this woman who fought his every advance.
But Hannah has a secret he cannot begin to fathom ... she is from a parallel world....
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