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Off to our interview with CBG author, Colleen S. Meyers.

T: (Whispers) “Should I salute?  I mean, after all, she served seven years of active duty and earned three meritorious awards.”

W: “We will treat her like any other author with respect, courtesy, and quirky questions.”

T: “Our questions are not quirky… just seriously bent.” Suddenly looks horrified.  “We forgot the donuts!” 

Just then Colleen appears at her door, and Wrye offers her a pack of gum.  “Er, hi, we’re Penza Dona Tattle and Associate Wrye Balderdash and we’re here for your CBG interview.” Does a tap dance “Ta Da!” 

C: Colleen grabs the pack of gum. “Doublemint. My favorite.”  She walks further into the room and sits across from Wyre and Tattle. “Thanks for having me.” 

T:  “A little birdie told us you have been a Harlequin fan from way back, but you are also a sci-fi aficionado.  Hence, we observe possibly the reason of your mixture of the two genres in your writing.  With that in mind, what space creature from any fantasy or sci-fi world would make your swoon?”  

C: “Oh well, swoon. I don’t know about swooning, but I know my favorite authors when I was growing up was David Eddings. His Belgariad series was exceptional. I loved the mixture of fantasy, romance, and humor that characterized his writing.  I remember thinking, “I want to write like that. One day, maybe I will be able to do that.” 

W: “Considering your military background and medical career, you appear to be a logical, focused individual, but do you have an eclectic side?  If so, on a scale from one to ten, how eclectic?   Ten being, you are living on the planet Ramura – Homeworld of the Ramurian species or one being you occasionally wear different colored socks.” 

C: “ Hrm, well in real life, I am probably a 2, very boring. I deal with people being ill on a daily basis and that can be rough. I want to help them and sometimes I am not able to do that. Thus why I love anything fantasy, be it sci-fi, paranormal, magical realism, or urban fantasy. And in my fantasies, the hero can always help someone, save the day, right the wrong. So in my head, I am totally a 9 or a 10, Supergirl.” 

T: “So, tell us, confidentially, we won’t squeal to anyone but our errrr readership, are you secretly in love with the hero of MUST REMEMBER, Marin. And just what would be your perfect date experience with him or would you prefer a Bajoran?” 

C: “Oh my god, Marin is like my ideal man. Not perfect, but devoted and loving. That is all you need.  As for an ideal date night. Time alone would be good.” Colleen winks.  

W: “How much of you is part of your character Elizabeth ‘Beta’ Camden?” 

C: “I think I put a little bit of myself in every heroine. Life is our greatest teacher and inspiration.” 

T: “Since you’re a doc, and well Doctor Who is a doc, do you find any similarities in your outlook on the universe?”   

C: “Ha! I haven’t really watched too much Doctor Who. I am a Star Trek/Star Wars kinda gal, so I don’t know the answer to that? Do you think I have the same outlook?” 

W: “Upon meeting you, I’d say the humor of Doctor McCoy and the togetherness of Doctor Crusher.  Anywho, what universe would you prefer to live in, Star Trek, Star Wars, or Galaxy Quest and why?” 

C: “Can I pick a fourth option?  Firefly, for the humor, for the reality and world building. I have a crush on Joss Whedon.” 

T: “Ooooh, I think I cast my vote for that universe, too.  Who doesn’t have a crush on Joss Wheldon?:

T/W: All our joking aside, after pursuing your website, we have discovered you’ve been through tragedy, heroism and heart-tugging romance, you are an amazing woman and it has been our honor to interview you. Kudos, on your amazing strength and your upbeat attitude.
Hope you all enjoyed our interview.  

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat
Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi

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