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Once again our alter egos come out to play.  Please enjoy this review of HAVEN by Celia Breslin!



Tattle carries a vase of just delivered violets to her desk.  "You know, according to Bil Kean They invented hugs to let people know you love them without saying anything.  I think violets say it best.  They're from my hubbie-pooh.  Second best, is chocolate, and very appropriate from a friend/literary partner."  She had left hints over the last few weeks, and looks about. 

Unable to keep his nose out of his e-reader, he offers, "Great.  Um, sure."

"So where's my heart-n-flowers month's chocolate."

"In the freezer."

"Huh?  I don't like frozen chocolate.  Can't eat it as fast."


"Chocolate? You always get me chocolate on the first of February to celebrate not just loving but healthy hearts, and at our age, that's a big deal." 

"Oh, thought you wanted ice cream.  You always want ice cream."  Keeps reading.

Grabs the e-reader.  "Give me that."  Ready to berate him for not paying attention to her, she sighs and says, "You're forgiven.  When reading Celia Breslin's supernatural book, HAVEN, first installment  of The Tranquilli Bloodline Series, nothing could distract me either.  Go on, finish the last few pages, and then we'll jump into our Love of Literature Leap and review it!"

"What a brilliant idea!"

"Meanwhile, I will go have some ice cream, chocolate chip mint seems to be in order."

Later, the two jump into the storyline and appraise the excellent, captivating prose of the storyline.

While San Francisco nightclub owner Carina Tranquilli battles a sake-bred hangover, she suddenly finds herself whacking not just a punching bag but a witch! Fortunately, the vicious vamp announced herself with heels clicking on floorboards and the stench of wicked magic.  However, if only her friend and on-site psychic, Faith, had seen a vision of the intruder, she would have been a little better prepared.  But Faith's sight didn't work that way.  Still, considering it was Rina's birthday, it would have made a nice present.  Especially since it was her twenty-first birthday.

Staring the day out in a physical confrontation, should have warned Rina that life was about to get more messy than usual.  She nearly forgot, she promised to show up at her brother, Lorenzo's new Italian gallery opening.  He didn't appreciate her tardy arrival. Through the ages of five and fifteen he was her surrogate parent rather than either of her other siblings, Dom and Tony.  During her teens, she rarely felt any affection from Lorenzo.  They weren't exactly estranged, but not close either. 

Then, suddenly, her Uncle Thomas decides to make an appearance.  Only, she doesn't recognize him.  Plus, she thinks he is either some sort of warlock, wizard, or perhaps something worse.  He is over-affectionate and, people are frightened of him.  She just wants him to go away.  After all, she simply can't remember him.  Actually, she can't remember several of her adolescent years and no one had been willing to fill in the blanks. 

Now, though, her brother is suddenly loving.  Her Uncle is insistent they have to talk and she needs to accept her true self, whatever that is.  There is talk about remembering and her power.  She didn't know, she had power, except maybe in her tight, sexy body. 

Then there Adrian, a friend with benefits.  Before she can decide if she wants those bennies or not, her gaze locks with a hot-beyond-the-sizzling-flames of hell and damnation Alexander.  Instant heat, instantly hypnotic, and instant soul mate?  Possibly. 

Yet, every time she pivots about, she runs into trouble.  Being attacked by a witch, smothered by a powerful uncle, who is definitely something more, discovering vampires do exist, and then coming up against a super archvillain, Dixon, Rina can't catch a break. 

Good thing she has loyal friends who have her back, and the possibility of magical support but sometimes even that isn't enough!  Not when someone wants her dead.

"Whew," Wrye says, "Ever been on a roller coaster ride in the dark?  Well, that doesn't even come close to the twists, turns, exhilarating pace and shocking surprises of HAVEN.  Celia Breslin doesn't disappoint as a writer or a storyteller.  Her writing is clean and sharp, well-matched to the sprinting tempo required by a new generation of readers.  Yet, that doesn't mean us oldies can't relate.  Reading HAVEN gets your heart-pumping and makes you want to be part of Rina's glamorous yet tough as fangs crowd." 

Tattle pats away the drool from her mouth.  "There are more hunks than an Chippendale Convention in Celia's delicious and tantalizing book.  Page one, line one pulls you right into the story and you have to remind yourself to breathe because the action doesn't stop.  Whether it is fighting villains or gorging on the blistering temp of a sexual romp, you are hooked.  Celia has a fresh new voice you certainly don't want to miss even if this isn't your genre.  The characters, written as strong and real, nestle into your mind and you don't want them to go away.  Celia Breslin is certainly an up and coming star in the supernatural venue of CBG.  Can't wait for more.

If you are into adventure, you'll be sure to get your fill by reading not just HAVEN but Celia's second installment, DESTINY, of The Tranquilli Bloodline Series.  (You can find the review for DESTINY at    

Hope you enjoyed our leap into CBG’s exciting world of books.  Until next time, keep reading!

Dona Penza Rutabaga Tattle, Esq. and Associate Wrye Balderdash
of Blather City, Wannachat

Created and written by:  Angelica Hart and Zi

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