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Book Spotlight~ Elaine Cantrell's Fortuna

Series Name: NA

Genre: romantic comedy

Publisher: Clean Reads

Aimee Sherwood never dreamed that following her fiancé into the witness 
protection pro-gram would land her in a haunted house in a town that’s 
downright creepy. She’d have laughed if she had been told the guy who 
lives down the road might be her soul mate, not the man whose ring 
she’s wearing. Life in West Virginia is nothing like life in Los 
Angeles, but between bean ball battles with Marilyn Monroe, remodeling 
a crumbling farmhouse, and starting a new online business, life in the 
country is anything but boring.

Excerpt: My heroine goes to a garden party in costume.

“Why don’t you take Aimee and show her the new gazebo? It’s very nice.”


“I’d love to.”

Cade held out his arm to Aimee. “Ma’am, I would be delighted to show 
you the gazebo. Do take my arm. The ground is rather uneven.”

“Why, thank you, sir.”

As they strolled toward the gazebo, Aimee allowed the setting to 
mesmerize her and capture her imagination. What would it have been like 
to attend this party in the year 1860? Would the threat of war have 
lent a spice of excitement to the festivities that made ordinary 
activities like visiting the gazebo seem new and romantic?

Cade indicated a built-in bench, which circled the inside of the 
gazebo. “Would you like to sit down?”

Aimee sat and gathered her skirts around her, admiring the rustle of 
her long, crinoline petticoat. She patted the space beside her. “Sit 
beside me.”

Cade bowed. “You honor me, Miss Sherwood.”

“You may call me Miss Aimee, sir.”

“Miss Aimee, then.” He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it.

Aimee’s heart took off in a mad gallop. She felt heat rising from her 
chest and knew it colored her face an inconvenient shade of red. Oh! 
My! Goodness! All he’d done was kiss her hand, and she was melting. If 
only she hadn’t left her fan at Miss Gladys’ table.

Cade kept hold of her hand even though she’d expected him to let go of 
it. His calloused fingers felt so male, so strong, so warm that another 
wave of heat washed over her and almost took her breath away.

“You look beautiful tonight, Miss Aimee. There’s not a woman at the 
party who can touch you.”

Was it her imagination or had he moved a bit closer to her?

“Your eyes sparkle like blue diamonds, and I love those curls of yours. 
You’ve captured the sunshine.” He reached for her ponytail and bounced 
her curls in the palm of his hand.

Breathe. She mustn’t forget to breathe.

He had moved closer. She could smell the spicy odor of his shaving 
cream now. It was the same stuff Rocky used. She’d always liked it, but 
before this night she’d never realized how sexy it was.

In the background she heard a buzz of quiet laughter from the 
partygoers, but they seemed to be in another world far away from her 
and Cade. Her eyes fluttered shut as he squeezed her hand and leaned 
toward her.

“Hey, hon, so this is where you got to.”

Rocky! Aimee gasped and jerked her hand from Cade’s, praying that Rocky 
hadn’t seen them holding hands. Not that they were really holding 
hands, but . . . okay they were holding hands, but . . . “Er . . . 
isn’t the gazebo beautiful?”

Rocky nodded. “Yep, it sure is. Are you ready to get some refreshments?”

“Yes. Cade, thanks for showing me the gazebo.”

Cade stood and bowed. His eyes bored into hers with such intensity that 
Aimee barely restrained a gasp. “It was my pleasure, Miss Aimee.”
“Great characterization,” Rocky praised. “I’ll have to find out how 
they did it in the eighteenth century.”

He took Aimee’s hand and pulled her toward the refreshment table. Why 
did Rocky always have to interrupt just when she was having a good 
time? Oh! My! Goodness! Aimee stumbled and would have fallen if Rocky 
hadn’t caught her. What was she thinking? Rocky was her fiancé. She’d 
left her old life and committed to spending most of her time hiding out 
from bad guys with him. How could she think for one second that his 
presence was anything less than a blessing?

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Meet the Author:

Elaine Cantrell was born and raised in South Carolina where she obtained a master’s degree in personnel services from Clemson University.  She is a member of Alpha Delta Kappa, an international honorary society for women educators and Romance Writers of America.  Her first novel, A New Leaf, was the 2003 winner of the Timeless Love Contest.  When she’s not writing or teaching, she enjoys movies, quilting, reading, and collecting vintage Christmas ornaments. 

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