Monday, January 4, 2016

Welcome author Raven McAllan and her hero, Phillip, Lord Macpherson

Please give a warm welcome to Phillip. Lord Macpherson from The Rake's Unveiling of Lady Belle by Raven McAllan today as we sit down and see what makes him/her tick.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not saving your lady?
Well as a Regency rake I suppose I should say, doing rakish things, and hell raising in the capital. *laugh* To be honest I prefer the country. Making sure my estates are run properly and... well let us say there's a lot more you can get up to in the country than most people ever think possible. *wink*

What is it about your love interest, Lady Belle that makes you crazy in a good way?
She is a fighter, a feisty, take no prisoner's lady. Someone I'd trust with my life. I want to cherish and protect and yes, sometime strangle her, when she doesn't listen. But then if she wasn't all those things she wouldn't be my Lady Belle.

Do you sometimes want to strangle your writer? Thrash her/him to within an inch of their life? Make them do the stupid crap they makes you do? 
Oh yes, what character doesn't? But then I think well without her showing me how difficulties can be over come, I'd not be where I am now. *Ponders* Mind you...

Favorite food?
Wood pigeon in a pie. and perhaps a curd pudding to follow. I prefer simple foods.

 Describe yourself in four words.  I'd say, loyal, loving, generous, and even-tempered. *snort* I've a feeling other's might say differently.

What do you do for a living? Hmm, That's one of those double edged questions. I run my estates, look after all the family business and yes, do all the normal things a gentleman of the ton would do.
Actually, no not any more. Ladies of shall we say, a forward deposition, are no longer on the agenda. Except my Lady Belle of course.

What do you fear the most?Apart from Napoleon and his supporters taking over France once more? *Looks around furtively*

Moths. *shudder* And losing my lady of course.

 About Raven McAllan's Lady Belle.....

Historical Romance
Carina Publishing
Release date: January 5th, 2016

The exquisite designs of mysterious dressmaker Madame Belle are the most sought after in the ton, yet only a few are trusted with Belle’s deepest secret – her name.

Lady Belinda Howells has gone to great lengths to disguise her identity, it’s the only way to protect herself from the ruthless demands of her scoundrel father…and to protect her heart.

Until Lord Philip Macpherson walks into her salon and his scorching kiss burns a memory onto her lips that she’ll never be able to forget!

Now it’s only a matter of time before the notorious rake unveils the truth, and when he does, Belle knows that she won’t be able to resist…

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About the Author:

I live in Scotland, the land of mists, mountains and midges. The first two I can cope with, the last is well named as the scourge of Scotland.

Living on the edge of a forest, with wild life and tourists always about, life is never dull, especially when someone stops you on our lane and asks if it is the main road to Glasgow. (er no)

I share my life with my DH, and two cats. Our children have flown the nest, great to go visiting them!

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Raven McAllan said...

Thank you so much for interviewing Phillip. Belle is VERY interested about the moths...

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