Thursday, August 6, 2015


Another venture into an alter-ego story.  Hope you all enjoy!

Except: BOOK NOOKIE by Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane

 "Tasha show a little decorum."

 "You get Lady Stick Up the Butt to show you some--" 

"Decorum!" "Yes, Coach."

Kathryn did not trust the players, and believed Keen didn't either.

They were the types that were going to get involved somehow. The group arrived at The Caribbean, which was the same hotel Cody and Kimmie had stayed. They got three rooms. The four teammates planned to share.

 "Cody Hale and Kimmie Edge were guests here. Have they checked out?" asked Keen.


"Have you seen them?" 


"I am Kimmie Edge's brother. Can I see her room?" Agent Pines flipped open her badge and the desk clerk handed the two a key. 

"What are you hoping to find?" 

"Hope!" Pines and Edge took the stairs to the second floor. "That crescent shaped scar is quite unique. 
How did it happen?"
"A cleat to the face." 


"Yours is interesting as well," he said with an inquisitive tone. "My scar is a by-product of one of the lowest days of my life. My partner went rouge, took a bribe, and as I confronted him, he pistol whipped me. Much was a blur after that. I yelled to him to halt, but he kept running. I un-holstered my weapon, carefully aimed at his thigh, shot and dropped him. I had no intentions of killing him, but--"

 "That's dreadful."

She answered contritely, "The price of the business I'm in."

"My mother once said that there was something beautiful about scars in whatever form. A scar signifies that the hurt has ended, suggests that the wound is closing, and healing is beginning. Agent Pines, I hope you've healed." 

"Not quite." 

They used the pass key, opened the door and entered the room. The entrance door was swung closed behind them. They turned to view two very large men. Pines reached for her weapon but was stalled.
 "No, no princess." The large of the two pointed an automatic hand pistol. "Mine is bigger and faster."

"What do you want?" queried Pines.

"Shut your fuckin' mouth." 

"Hey!" countered Keen. 

"We like this hotel and it would a pity to make it all bloody. So I shall ask you both very kindly--take off all your clothes."

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