Thursday, August 13, 2015


A:  There are so many firsts in life.  (Stares whimsically into nothing)  The first time you ride a bike.  The first time you get on a plane.  First job.  First concert.  First paying job.  First car.  First time you wear heels.
Z:  Heels? 
A:  (Snaps her head toward him)  You know you tried.
Z:  (Ignores her) Yup, but then there is that all important first.  (Brows to the double arch wiggle) 
A:  (Nods knowingly)  Yes, that is the first I'm talking about.  The one that thrills you beyond thrill.  It changes your life, and your world.
Z:  There is nothing like it at all.  (He leaned back in his chair)  My first time was in the back seat of a pristine, rebuilt Pontiac Catalina.
A:  How old were you?
Z:  (Wags his finger) Nope, not gonna share that.
A:  That young, huh?
Z:  (Waves away her comment and a bothersome fly)  How about you?
A:  I was very young and it was behind the bleachers with my best friend.
Z:  (Grins his infamous crooked grin)  Friend with bennies, eh?
A:  Oh yes, it was just one of the special things we shared.  (Sighs)  At first it was wonderful.  My eyes rolled back.  I caught my breath and shivered with delight.
Z:  Nothing like it, but the first time it is over all too fast.
A:  My first time seemed to last and last.  I savored it.  Couldn't get enough of it. 
Z:  Really?  (Eyes grew wide as his interest grew)  Tell me more.
A:  I kept reaching, begging, demanding all of it.
Z:  Did your friend oblige?
A:  He was a dear, and gave everything he had.  He seemed to instinctively know he had created a monster, and laughed good-naturedly at my eagerness.
Z:  A few more details, m'gal.
A:  Well, I'm embarrassed to say, I rolled it around my tongue and sucked for all I was worth before I swallowed.
Z:  Oh, so we're talking oral fixation?
A:  But, of course, only way I could get the full experience.  The total joy of discovery has to be investigated and relished.
Z:  I agree, but most ladies don't get so inquisitive when so young and innocent.
A:  I had wanted it was so long, and I was denied, held back, told it was bad for me.
Z:  I see...  (A frown develops) You said you felt that way at first, what changed.
A:  Suddenly I couldn't breathe.
Z:  Sometimes that happens.
A:  I mean really couldn't breathe.
Z:  A slight adjustment....
A:  (She interrupted)  My tongue felt fat.
Z:  That could be a good thing...
A:  (Again, she interrupted)  Nope... horrible... stomach hurt.  I began to itch all over.  Welts started popping up all over my body.
Z:  Welts?  Really?
A:  Yup, like in hives.  It was horrible.
Z:  I never heard anything like it.
A:  Turns out I was allergic.
Z:  (Disbelief framed his features) No way. 
A:  Way.  That was why my parents told me I couldn't have it, that it was bad for me.
Z:  How could they have known?
A:  It seems I went into anaphylactic shock the first time they gave me chocolate when I was a little kid.
Z:  You were talking about chocolate!?
A:  Yup, what did you think I was talking about?  (She popped a piece of chocolate into her mouth and savored it)   I'm so glad I outgrew that allergy. 
Z: (Groans)

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