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Sometime we reminisce about our books and want to
revisit the characters or scenes much like visiting an
old friend... come... visit with us. 

 Excerpt ~ Chasing Yesterday by Angelica Hart and Zi

There was something nostalgic and playful about
dangling one’s legs off a swing, and although
Elizabeth wasn’t on a swing, her legs fluttered off
the pier in imitation of being young and unable to
reach the ground. She held her face up to the sun,
allowing it to warm her complexion, tint it a healthy

Nearby, two teenage boys cast fishing lines into the
surf. They were both tall, lean in the way of boyish
lean still not filled out as men, yet displaying the
naturally athletic build of the youth that played
sports. One had a freckle-splattered face and
shoulders that somehow managed to tan despite
evidence of being naturally pale. The other had huge
dark eyes and an olive complexion that glowed
golden brown.

The one with a baseball cap and reddish hair said,
“Are you going to ask her out?”

“Naw," responded a lad whose left eyebrow seemed
to rise in reaction.


Shy hesitation hedged the brown-eyed teen’s
response, which seemed out of place with the
confident air of the young man. “She won’t go out
with me.”

How do you know?”

He shrugged.

“Do you like her?” the red-headed boy persisted.

“Oh yeah…” a pause, a wistful smile, as well as
complete distraction that his fishing line was being
tugged as he repeated, “Oh yeah.”

“Then ask her.”

“What if she says no? What if she doesn’t like me?”

“You’ll never know unless you ask.” Then in a loud,
excited tone, he called, “Fish! Reel it in.”

She hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but they were so
close and the breeze seemed to blow their words
straight to her ears. She liked the honesty of the
decision, the lack of hesitancy to admit an interest, to
be coaxed into acting on that interest. It took a bit
of will not to jump in and agree with the freckled

Every mind throughout time has drifted from its
present to another place, albeit, fanciful or a trudge
through reasoning. Elizabeth was adrift, mind freed,
imagining the fuzzy-bodied bees chasing their nectar
and the yellow birds nesting. With a start she was
jolted back to the present.

Their eyes met, and in that sliver shredded from the
infinity of time, she found authentic bliss, and her
sensibilities flowed as if fluid honey running sweet
through her. All the visions and dreams culminated
into this perfect shard, this singular instant that
seemed to unfold like a passage through the
mountains, winding upward, unable to see the end,
uncertain of duration, unsure of obstacles, but
knowing the pinnacle existed. This man spun from a
twining of visions and dreams existed just as she
knew he would, and she believed he recognized her
as much as she identified him, perhaps that was only
her perception, but this particular perception was her
welcomed reality. As if of its own volition, her hand
fluttered in greeting.

His face opened up in a grin, so beautifully white
and disarming, a grin that contrasted against the
curve and texture of masculine lips and the tawny
sun glow of his complexion. For Elizabeth it was a
can’t-catch-your-breath upon seeing it type of grin, a
come-on-let’s-play type of grin, a you-had-my-heartat-
first-sight type of grin.

Elizabeth couldn’t know her responding smile
dazzled with charm and come-hither enticement.
She understood, however, she wanted him to come
to her; she did her best to show that yearning,
waiting as well home-schooled daughters were
taught. Her gaze flicked away, returned with a gentle
toss of bronze-toned wavy hair, highlighted by the

One side of his lip lifted a bit higher as if in
acknowledgement of her flirtatious behavior. Her
smile turned sweet, her glance found the ground, all
actions that teased and offered. She would wait for
his response. Give him those few moments to
approach. However, her patience was dishonored,
for when she looked back his way, he wasn’t there.

"Scoundrel," lashed out, "Tease!" Elizabeth
sniggered knowing she had him hooked as did that
lad earlier to his fish. She knew the game, watched
it, men chased though acted as if they didn't whereas
women said they never chased but did.

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