Thursday, July 2, 2015

WRITERS WRITE... WRITING PARTNERS FEUD ~ Alter Ego Burp....(yup, no typo, we wrote burp)

Our alter egos' Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane wanted to share a bit.  So, warning...warning...warning... they are not as sweet and  as we are.  However, we felt it only right to let them out of the box for a bit.  Yes, we do keep them wrapped up and in the trunk.  Otherwise, they would run amuck.
So, say hello to that duet of naughty.  We will be back soon!

Bright: What is our subject today?

Zane: Love is emotional reality -- whereas sex is just reality.

B: Profound or profane?

Z: Mae West once said, "Sex is an emotion in motion." (He actually put his hand on his hip and vamped it up) Hey, big girl why don't ya come up and see me sometime.
B: That was so creepy!  (Bright sorted her candy bars alphabetically) Who has never mistook good sex for love?
Z: Cool question.  For about twelve years, back in the day, I thought sex was love.
B: You can be such a pig. (She ate a Butterfingers because she had three and liked even numbers)
Z: Oink-oink! But damn if it (sex) was so perfect how can any reasonable dude discern between, sex and love or love of sex?  (He surveyed her candy stash considered using an act of diversion, knocking four on the floor, and then snatching a Orangehead, he being a Syracuse fan, but passed, knowing how protective she was of her sweet babes.) Oink-oink!

B: What was perfect?
Z: Boink-boink! (Zane placed his anatomically incorrect Ken doll in a salacious pose with Barbie.) (Image the pose that tickles your fancy!)
B: What a child you can be. We have written a lot about sex and a lot about love. We don't suggest we are anywhere near being experts on the subjects but we do try to allow the themes to interconnect.
Z: Sex can be good, but sex complicated by love can be simply awesome and in all fairness a bit more naughtier. (Zane put a pair of miniature manacles, formed from a paperclip, on Ken hooking him to the bumper of Barbie's pink convertible.)
B: What are you doing? (She slipped an Oh Henry in her pocket as she scolded)
Z: A little S and M recreating the threat of the dog scene in National Lampoon's Vacation.  
B: Ick! Give me that. Now! (Snatching the dolls)  You see that sex without an innate personal motivation that touches on some value could be just masturbation?  (Bright put Ken and Barbie behind her computer.)
Z: What's wrong with that?
B: Not a damn thing. Diddlin' with one's self has withstood the test of time but add love to the equation and you can double the magnitude of the diddle.
Z: Ok, my student of diddly-do-s and don't-s.  Listen!  Merovingian wrote, "It is remarkable how similar the pattern of love is to the pattern of insanity."
B: Merovingian could be crazy.
Z: Kkkk!
B: Try this on for size, by Alphonse Marie de la Martine, "Love is the enchanted dawn of every heart." That is très sweet.
Z: I get the saccharine. (He looked at My Pretty Pony, but Bright pulled it from him before Zane could sully the creature's illusion) Love is the universal vaginal lube--
B: Stop!
Z: What?
B: Crude -- lewd -- and social unacceptable has no place.
Z: Fine. (Zane smiled as he exchanged a piece of candy for the dolls) Richard Bach hit it out of the park. The big Dick Bach wrote, "True love stories never have endings."
B: Only sequels.  

To those in the USA...  Happy 4th of July!

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