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A:  (She bounds into the office, flipped her coat onto the file cabinet, threw her knit cap onto the label maker, though it was Summer this was so typical of her exhibiting eclectic nature... bubblishly, she blew kisses to the dogs, and spun showing that again she had pulled her leggings on inside out... the visible label confirmed that) Morning.  Want some fudge?
Z:  (He noted, on a post-it, the size on the tag and adhered that sticky to the cabinet door... why... later fodder... just as Ang was a fibberity-jibbet... Zi was a more often than not politically incorrect as he flippantly spat from him mouth the first inane thought he had)  Are you offering anal? 
A:  Noooooo, doltish Dave... fudge.  Here, have a piece.
Z:  (It would soon become apparent that Zi was on one of his obsessive tangents... not really connecting his thoughts to the reality of the moment... a stream of conscious that rambled and ranted) Babe, I wish you were a door so I could bang you all day long.  (He was feral energy now wearing her knit cap)
A:  Have you banged your head?  I am sensing a delusional man.  Can you spell... addlebrained?
Z:  No!  (He paused... wrote an e-mail to Angelica Hart... pointing out first her leggings were miss-dressed and secondly, noting their size...  he wrote it in huge red letters... knowing she would go crazy that he knew... sent it with an emphatic fingering of the key)  I was thinking is there a place for humor in the act of seducing?
A:  Yes.
Z:  I'm funny.
A:  Show me.  (An audible indicated that she received an e-mail)  Let me get this.  (She pulled it up... noted the sender... looked at Zi with inquisitive eyes... read it... turned read- faced[ ha-ha])  That's not funny!
Z:  From where I'm sitting it is.  (He pointed... and feigned a hardy belly laugh... and he had a belly enough to laugh so)
A:  (She looked at her pants... noticed that they were on wrong... and in a muddlebrained act of trying to quickly fix the mistake, she pulled them down and as quickly as she did that, she realized she was in the room with Zi and yanked them back up Urkel style)  Excuse me.  (She left the room putting on a dignified coup d'oeil [appearance at a glance] )
Z:  (He had seen that she was sporting winter-blue Princess Elsa Panties... he took that opportunity to e-mail her that he liked them... figuring that would frost her bottom... Frozen ...he laughed aloud at his own wit.  The two dogs in the room yawned... he followed that up with a Furthermore e-mail... pointing out that the panties were on right-side-out... and gave her kudos... he sent that )
A:  (She returned... red-face gone... leggings repositioned)  Funny!
Z:  You want funny?  Here!  That shirt looks very becoming on you....of course if I were on you I'd be coming, too.  (He did the Victory Dance and spiked the make-believe touchdown ball... ending with a Rocky pose)
A:  Cute but crude-ish!  I get it, some women do like a direct man.  (Two audible notifications drew Angelica back to her e-mail... she chose not to open them... and squinted invisible daggers at Zi)
Z:  Try this.  Are your legs tired?  Because you've been running through my mind all day.  (He put on his purple wizard pointed cap... thumbed his chinny-chin-chin... and scoured her navy blue leggings inch-by-inch)
A:  Naa! That is something a besotted bar-fly might beer-belch out!
Z:  Yo... chick without 21st century humor... try this.  Is your father a thief?  Because he stole the stars from the skies and put them in your eyes!  (It was at that point, Zi did a finger dance culminating with a finger-split  finale... why fingers... he was far too husky to try those moves these days)
A:  Pseudo-romantic.  Could you pull that off?
Z:  I could pull off your sweater.  Stand and I'll show you.
A:  No!  (She began a barrage of flipping playing cards at his head)  You can act woodenheaded.
Z:  You talking dirty to me?
A:  Here's a thesaurus... look it up.
Z:  Read your e-mails.
A:  No!
Z:  Come on.
A:  You talking dirty to me?  (Thinking she was being boorishly Zi-like cute)
Z:  I got your cute han....
A:  Stop!  (She cut him off)
Z:  (With a scatterbrained wit working extra fast he blurted) That skirt looks nice but would look better crumpled in a pile in the corner of the room.  (He bounced his eyebrows)
A:  No!  If you use that line, any gal would be preoccupied with fleeing as quickly as they could... you do recall that from your youth... gals fleeing from you?  (There was the retribution-arrow straight to his chest)
Z:  You think you are funny... I know funny... try this.  (He switched hats to a coonskin cap and spoke to the abstract gal in the room)  I know you are lost because Heaven is such a long way from here.  (He then tickled Angelica's neck with the tail of the cap)
A:  Interesting but no... no... no!  (Flopping her hand about, she brushed the tail away... why... it tickled... and when tickled she got urges to pee... but Zi continued... so she grabbed the hat and put it on her head)
Z:  I've got the perfect line to motivate Princess Elsa.
A:  (She knew he saw blue panties... and red returned to her face)
Z:  Pardon me, is there a mirror in your pocket?  Because I keep seeing myself  in your pants.
A:  Cute but no!  I shall smack you with your words.  Everyone likes a little ass but no one likes a wiseass!  (She used the coon's tail as a flogger)  Consider yourself duly spanked!
Z:  I saw the size of your pants... Little ass?
A:  I'm fluffy!
Z:  Fluffy... I am looking for a post date fluffer.  I might be able to attain one with this wit.  Pardon me miss, I seem to have lost my phone number, could I borrow yours?
A:  Fine but not a clit tickler.  (She put the cap on the Corgi who stayed asleep)
Z:  Nice to meet you, I'm  Zi and you are...gorgeous!  Huh?  Any clitty-twitter?  (He did the end-of-a-dance taa-das hands and bow)
A:  A tad.  But I may have to pee... not sure which way I'm leaning.
Z:  My face is leaving in 10 minutes... are you gonna be on it or not?
A:  No!  Stalker perv stuff... ick...with a capital I... want you to get out of my face! 
Z:  Screw me if I'm wrong, but isn't your name Gretchen?
A:  Creative.  But in all fairness not a leg spreader. 
Z:   So can I tie you to the book case and read your briefs.
A:  No!  You must have spent a lot of youth... well... masturbating!
Z:  Your point... what male didn't?
A:  Gross! 
Z:  This is what I have to post.
A:  (She read)
Is there a place for humor  ...  Little Boy Blue as still conversing with Little Girl Pink, "Peter, Peter, Peter Wolf, and Peter Pan were discussing women. 'I like to watch a woman's tits best,' Peter, Peter stated.  Peter Wolf added, I like to watch the motion of her stomach as she breathes.  Peter Pan contributed, 'I like to look at a woman's ass.'  They concluded there was much to enjoy."  "What do you like," asked Little Girl Pink of Little Boy Blue.  "Me...I prefer to see the top of her head." "I see...see...see...!"  "I believe that you don't throw darts at balloons, but balloons at darts."  "Gotcha!"  (BALDERDASH AND  DONA PENZA TATTLE TALES  PRESENTS:  SECOND FLORILEGIUM...THE FABLE OF SIN-SIN-CINDERELLA BALLING...BOOK TWENTY-FOUR...DANCING LOVE...BY  Angelica Hart and  Zi

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