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Book Spotlight~ Making Music by Juliet Chastain

Please welcome Breathless Press author Juliet Chastain as we celebrate her new book, Making Music.

So tell us about your latest or upcoming release. What is this gem about?
Making Music is a sexy little tale in which a woman developes a huge case of lust for a younger-than-herself hottie. She's all set to break her own sensible rules about not taking soemone she hardly knows home with her when her plans run seriously afoul.

If you could be any paranormal creature what would you be?
Werewolves are kind of sexy. Vampires are too—but they are physically cold and I like the heat. Living forever is all very well, but I'd be missing the sunlight in no time. My very first book, Cry of the Wolf had a sweet natured werewolf. Now I know more about writing (and weres for that matter) I'd like to revise, hot up the sex scene—I'm much better at that now—and write a sequel. I knew a whole lot more about writing—and imaginary creatures—when I wrote Vampire Cowboy.

What do you do when you’re not writing?
You'll find me behind a camera. Or reading a book, hanging at the gym, learning to play table tennis, trying to learn Spanish (I moved to Mexico recently)and, if I had my way, paddling about in a body of water.

Are any of your characters like you?
Good question. In Making Music, like Making Waves, another Cougar Tale the heroine is older than her love interest. I'm tired of the older man, younger woman thing—both in books and in life. Personally, I tend to prefer younger guys.

How often does your muse distract you from day to day minutiae?

I think maybe it tends to go the other way more. Stupid day to day minutiae distracts me from my muse. So annoying.

Making Music
A Cougar Tale Book Two
Contemporary Romance
Breathless Press
Available at Publisher

She didn't know she was a cougar until she met him. He's hot and willing. an age make a difference?
Lauren's a fan of one-night stands. But she has rules. She has to know a guy a little, she's not going to let sex get too personal, and there is no way in hell she will fall in love.
A sweet-natured hottie she meets at her favorite music bar makes her want to take him home––but is she too old for him? Learning who he really is proves even more problematic than their age difference. Soon she's breaking every one of her own rules. 
I tried to be sensible. The conversation with myself went as follows:
Lusting for a youngster. What's with that?
Hell, why not? He's not all that young.
It can never amount to anything, and you don't need a kid in your bed even for a night.
Since when do I expect a one-night stand to amount to anything? He doesn't seem like a kid to me. I've had worse than he could possibly be. Much worse.
Get real, you've totally sworn off one-night stands with total strangers. You promised yourself you were going to be sensible and only screw guys you know.
Just a little, is all. I don't even want to know them well. It's not like I want to have their baby.
You have the hots for him, which doesn't count as knowing him a little.
"Listen, Noah," I said, fighting my own desire to move closer to him—real close. "I'm not going to take you home tonight, so if that's what you are here for, you need to be looking elsewhere."
He just smiled down at me. "I wouldn't expect it," he said and squeezed my hand.
Well, what's a girl to do after that? I couldn't jump his bones right there in public, right? Every bit of me wanted to snuggle up to him, to wrap my arms around him. Why is nothing as sexy to me as a man who doesn't think I am a total slut?

Fashion photographer, Juliet Chastain, loves to tell stories and when she isn't creating a scenario with her camera, she's pounding out a tale on her keyboard. Just as she knows how to shoot models and clothes and make a story out of them, she can take a character or an idea that pops into her head and work them into a book
Juliet writes various kinds of short stories. She does sweet-and-sexy like Making Waves—another Cougar Tale—in which passion combusts at seaside or Vampire Cowboy with a vampire going a little wild out West. If you prefer simply sexy, check out the Intruder in which a nameless woman indulges in a steamy fantasy. If you like a dash of hot BDSM for your bedtime reading, the Kink Inc. series begins soon
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