Monday, December 1, 2014

Upcoming Changes at Torquere Press in 2015


(November 28, 2014) Torquere Press is preparing for big but exciting changes coming in the New Year.

Torquere Press, a royalty paying, full-service publisher of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual romance, began in 2003. The oldest ebook publisher for the GLBT community, Torquere has published several best-selling authors such as Sean Michael, Julia Talbot, Chris Owen, BA Tortuga, and Kiernan Kelly.

Torquere publishes every genre of romance, from paranormal to western to sci-fi, as long as the main characters are GLBT. They have also expanded with Prizm, the first YA GLBT publisher and a subsidiary of Torquere Press, which began in 2008 and targets a young and new adult audience.

As of January 1st, 2015 there will be:
·        Updated Ownership and Company Officers
·        New Marketing Strategies and Ideas
·        Increase of Social Media Presence
·        Updated Submission Calls
·        The Exploration and Addition of New Genres
·        Continuing Success With Current Authors
·        Expanding New Author Submissions
·        Positive Steps Towards the Growing Demand for Romance

We are really excited for all of the positive changes headed in Torquere Press’s direction, and look forward to expanding and growing on this journey with all of you. We thank you for your years of support, and your encouragement towards all of the new exciting things that the future will bring!

Torquere Press, Inc.
Romance for the Rest of Us
GLBT Romance

Prizm Books, a subsidiary of Torquere Press
There's Room Under the Rainbow
Young Adult & New Adult Fiction

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