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Talking with Pamela L. Todd and Enter to win from Totally Bound

Pamela L. Todd on How to Write Right.
Every writer has a different style. We are as unique in our styles as we are in our fingerprints.As I have said before, a new book begins for me with a voice in my head. That new voice appears and voila! A story is born. Or, at least, part of it is. It could be instant or it could be months or even years before the new voice has their story started.

Then, the Ideas Notebook enters. I write down in as much detail as possible everything I have discovered about this new book. Character descriptions, names, plot points, lines…absolutely anything.

When I know enough and have a rough idea on where the story will go, I (carefully) select a brand-spanking-new notebook solely for this book. I tape on a colourful square of paper to the front cover and write the title. If I’ve gotten that far yet, anyway. Then the fun stuff starts. Inside page goes the date. I love to remember when I very first started the books and when I look back I’m either shocked I’d had the ideas so long before bringing it to fruition, or downright astounded I wrote it so bloody fast. Next comes an introduction to the characters, main or otherwise. Everyone I’ve thought of goes there with their history. Then it’s the plot. Now, this can be very involved or startlingly vague.

The thing about my writing that both thrills and terrifies me is that I often have no idea where it’s going. Oh, I may know how it starts, where it goes or how it ends, but all that space in the middle?Forget it, I’ve no clue. It’s terrifying because if I get stuck, I have no reference to look at to see where I might go. But it’s thrilling because I am so often surprised with twists and turns the story takes without my even realizing it. It’s also very liberating to write without a set-in-stone plan. I’m not restricted to preconceived notions or tied to any one idea. It can, quite literally, be anything the hell I want it to be. 

In the early days of bringing this book to the point where I am confident to actually start writing it, I carry the notebook everywhere. I’ve seen me whipping it out at work, on the train, at dinner or the middle of the night. Some odd plot point, line, scene, whatever has occurred to me and if I don’t jot it down, guaranteed I’ll forget all about in T-Minus fifteen minutes. I can write out entire scenes or scribble a single line. All are valuable.

So now it’s time to write. I open a fresh Pages document and jump in, no hesitation. I start at the point I see it. Over the years I’ve learned to ignore the need to fill the beginning pages with useless fodder that would make even the most patient of reader’s eyes glaze over. I want to tell the reader everything about my character that they might need to know and it took a long time to learn how to show them throughout the book, rather than an info dump at the start.And really…that’s about it. I generally write from start to finish then go back and edit, edit, edit until the tenth draft, or whatever it needs, barely resembles the first draft I had to begin with. I rarely jump ahead. I heard a tip once for writers’ block that works incredibly well - if you get stuck, jump to the place you can’t wait to write. The space in between will fill in much easier and it will read so much better.

It’s fair to say I’m a pretty relaxed author. The only hard and fast rule I set myself is Just Write.Even when I don’t feel like it. Because writing is like a muscle and ignored for too long, you get out of shape. I just wish my actual body was as toned and sleek as my writing muscle. But everyone is different. And no writer can write like any other. There is no right way to write. Just write. 

Pamela L Todd_Now You See Me_BlogTour_BlogDates 0001_final
Blurb for Now You See Me, the newest addition to Totally Bound’s What’s her Secret? imprint
Invisible. A ghost. No one sees her. No one knows her. Until him.

For the last seven years, Jo Carpenter has been a ghost in her own life. No friends. No permanent address. No long-term job. And that is exactly the way she wants it… Until a typing error lands her on Nate Harding’s doorstep in the city of Edinburgh, answering his ad for a roommate.

Nate and his luxury house are a different world for Jo. Tall, rugged and with a voice that seems hardwired to Jo’s sex drive, Nate is a distraction Jo can’t afford, but neither seems able to fight the growing tension between them. Nate’s touch brings Jo back to life and every encounter leaves her craving more. As they grow closer and intimacy creeps its way around them, Nate knows there are things Jo isn’t telling him. What he doesn’t realize is the less he knows about Jo and her past, the safer he is.

For years Jo has been careful—hasn’t let her guard down, got too comfortable or let anyone get close enough to see the person beneath her protective armor. Soon it isn’t just Nate that Jo has fallen for—it’s his whole family, from his adorable niece to his eccentric sister, Suze, who quickly becomes the best friend Jo has ever had. Against her better judgment, Jo let’s herself believe she can have a normal life. In Nate’s arms she forgets the things that haunt her, and the reasons she should leave that innocent family become all the reasons she can’t.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of physical abuse and a reference to enforced undressing.

Pamela has adored books since she can remember. There was no greater pleasure than discovering a new world to venture into, a new character to fall in love with…until she created her own and realised there was something even more magical. 

When she isn't locked away at her computer, or scribbling in a notebook, Pamela can be found as her alter ego—namely wife to Matthew and mother to Todd. They also share their home with a schizophrenic cat and two greedy goldfish.

Enter Totally Bound’s competition for the chance to win Now You See Me and three What’s her Secret? Titles.  








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