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A:  Labor Day just passed, and I am feeling spent.  (Falls back in her chair like a rag doll and sticks her tongue out of one side of her mouth.  Bodie, laying at her feet, has the same look, except much more furry.  She was being a drama-wench and when Zi did not notice, she sighed... very loudly)
Z:  You labored on Labor day?  (Acknowledged... mostly out of self-defense... he did not know how far she'd take her demonstration... she was known to use spit-balls) 
A:  Had a BBQ, you were there, remember?
Z:  Ribs, yum!  (Feigns finger licking)  It was fun.  Why are you acting bleached-out?
A:  One seventh of our life is spent on Monday.  However, the only person to get his work done by Friday was Robinson Crusoe.  I had no Friday on Sunday and I had to do all the work myself.  The cooking was fun.  The keeping the food out fun.  The chatting fun.  The eating was fun.  The Macarena Dance was fun. The clean up as fun as a fart suddenly turning solid.  (The dog toots as if it understood and wanted to add a fart for effect)  You left without offering to do the dishes.  What is your Labor Day ritual?  Eating and running?
Z:  To do as little labor as possible.  (Folds his arms across his chest and offers a satisfied Buddha-like serenity grin)
A:  Pretty much like every day.  (Laughs uproariously at what she thinks is a hilarious pun)
Z:  (He doesn't laugh)  Gaaa!  That was cold.
A:  Just P.Oed.  I should have used paper plates and cups. 
Z:  You think!
A:  Rub my feet.  (Sticks out her feet, wiggles toes that are individually socked up)
Z:  Rub them on the dog.
A:  She doesn't like that.
Z:  But I do?
A:  (Deflects)  Let me relate a story:    
In the week before Labor Day, Eli, a poor country farmer won $480,000 in the Lottery.  As a treat he took his wife and their four children to see the Labor Day parade in New York.
They booked into the Sheraton International at the corner of Park Circle and Central Park North.  Having never been further than their local town, Benton in Arkansas, they were bowled over by glitz and excitement of the "Big Apple".
Eli and his son Clem were especially mesmerized by a shiny box with silver walls. They had never before met with doors that could move apart, and then automatically come back together again.  Neither had seen an elevator before.  Therefore, they were amazed when a little old lady entered the shiny box and the door closed. The lights outside on the wall flashed for a minute, then the doors opened and out came a beautiful young woman.
Eli turned to his son Clem and said, "Son, go get your mother."
Z:  Your point?
A:  I am looking for the magic door to change you into a new partner.  (Actually not remembering her point)
Z:  Ouch!
A:  Rub my feet!
Z:  I have to do my dishes.

Janie Franz

Killer Dolls is a departure from spiritual realms, diving deep into terrorism and sexuality. This story revolves around Letti Noel, a lonely but successful dollmaker who has been targeted by foreign terrorists as a means to incite fear in America. Their plan is to plant deadly ricin in Letti’s dolls and have them kill innocent children all over the country. The FBI, in the form of hunky Taut Johnson, is sent in to get close to Letti and discover if she’s behind the ricin poisonings herself or merely a victim (if terrorists are using her dolls without her knowledge). Needless to say, romantic sparks begin to fly between Taut and Letti.

The story has some great chase scenes, some very steamy romance, and a decent plot. I wasn’t sure sometimes whether the story hadn’t been written as satire—or at least for comic effect—especially regarding some of the sex scenes. The structure of the chapters and some of the chapter titles that are plays on words contribute to a modern impertinence that 20-something readers will find appealing. And, the sex is ever present and well-written. 

The change in writing style and tone that I see in Killer Dolls (compared to Angelica’s solo books) is due to the writing partnership Angelica Hart has formed with the mysterious Zi. They have produced eighteen books, ten of which are hot romances like this romance thriller, and they have won several Eppie nominations for their efforts… I’m looking forward to seeing more of this dynamic writing team.

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