Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Series Spotlight~ Eliza Gayle's Purgatory Masters

Check out the wonderful sexy books in the Purgatory Masters Series by NY Times author Eliza Gayle. Let me say these alpha males are smokin' hot!

Book One: Tucker's Fall
BDSM Contemporary Erotic ROmance
Available at ARe / Amazon

Scandalized professor Maggie Cisco returns to her hometown to lick her wounds and reconsider her future. Her years of personal and professional research into the BDSM lifestyle has landed her in jail, in divorce court and now in the headlines of more newspapers than she cares to count. The worst of all? The entire debacle is being blamed on a bestselling book she hasn’t even read!
Just when she thinks her only solution is a tell all memoir, a snowstorm puts her in the path of stunningly handsome, insanely rich and equally intense, Tucker Lewis.
Tucker remembers Maggie well. They once shared a mind-numbing kiss at the annual St. Mary’s carnival when her boyfriend wasn’t looking. No stranger to scandal, he looks past public opinion to the submissive craving a master’s touch and decides then and there what he wants. He’s going after Maggie and her heart’s kinkiest desires.
Unfortunately, no amount of money can change the sins of the past and when they’re certain they know everything there is to know about each other, one discovers a secret they aren’t prepared for.
Book Two: Levi's Ultimatum 
BDSM Contemporary Erotic Romance
Available at ARe / Amazon
In search of someplace to belong…
Levi Hawkins was a typical fun loving, hard partying college student with his whole life in front of him — until one tragic night ripped his world apart and left him adrift with no home or family to return to. After a soul crushing stint in Afghanistan, he spent a decade wandering the globe searching for something or someone to make him whole again. Weary of regret and consumed by loneliness, he puts his heart on the line and turns to the only people still connected to him by blood.
He found an obsession…
A chance encounter at a lakeside cafĂ© puts single mother Tori Ford directly in Levi’s path and he’s ready to stake a claim. She wants to keep her life simple. Work hard, raise her daughter, save some money and one day open the pie shop she’s always dreamed of. She doesn’t need complicated and she certainly doesn’t need a wickedly hot Dominant to take control of her future. Except when he touches her she yearns for the pleasure and passion of submission. But Tori can’t take another heartbreak and she can never trust Levi with her heart or her daughter if he won’t open up about the darkness slowly consuming him.
Book Three: Mason's Rule
BDSM Contemporary Erotic Romance
Available at ARe /  Amazon
Mason Sinclair followed everyone else’s rules until family lies tore his life apart. Now he sets the damn rules and expects everyone to follow them. Period. But as the complex charade he calls his life begins to unravel, he meets a reporter with questionable motives and killer curves who may be the final straw.
Stuck in the past and unable to move on, Rebecca Adams sees a contract with a mysterious Dom as her one way ticket to the truth. Finally. The fact it comes with a sexy side of kink only sweetens the deal. Give that girl a pen.
Sign on the dotted line. Go wild. Kiss her guilt goodbye.
If only things went according to plan…
Coming soon..Purgatory Masters Book Four
BDSM Contemporary Romance

Random Tid Bits about Eliza
  • Netflix is her addiction.
  • Has an irrational fear of snakes.
  • Sparkly flip flops are her thing, no flats please.
  • She had two nicknames in the Marine Corps. “Annie Oakley” and “Fritz”
  • Loves 80s music especially AC/DC.
  • Is a gadget girl.
  • Needs to be near the water.
  • Faeries and Dragons fill her office.
  • She is obsessed with zombie escape plans.
  • Reads tarot for inspiration.
  • She loves her little green Soul.
  • Is a Virgo, but will neither confirm nor deny if she possesses the obsessive traits of a typical Virgo.
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