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Welcome author Elysa Hendrics & Thomas Cash Riley (TC) from Must Love Cats

Please give a warm welcome to Thomas Cash (TC) Riley from MUST LOVE CATS - The Nine Lives of Thomas Cash Riley - Book 1 by Elysa Hendricks today as we sit down and see what makes him tick.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not saving (the world, clients, your mate)?
Well, I used to enjoy hanging out with friends, a good steak, sports, booze, and women. Not necessarily in that order. But since I died and came back as a cat, my options are more curtailed or should I say tailed. I do like a nice warm lap or a patch of sunshine to curl up and nap in.  And don't get me started on catnip.

What is it about your love interest that makes you crazy in a good way?
My memories of my human life are a bit like Swiss cheese, so I can't remember if I had a significant other. I guess not knowing is what drives me crazy. And I'm not about to start a relationship with a four-legged, furbearing varmint. That's just too creepy, even for me.

Do you sometimes want to strangle your writer? Thrash her/him to within an inch of their life? Make them do the stupid crap they makes you do?
Aside from turning me into a cat, wiping my memory, and making me play matchmaker to some clueless humans, my writer is okay. She gives most of the stupid emotional crap to the couples in my stories. Of course I'm not fond of when she puts me in situations that require opposable thumbs.

Favorite food?
A good steak, and an ice cold beer, which is when thumbs come in handy. Ever try opening a beer can with your teeth? It ain't fun and humans have an aversion to opening them for me. When I was human I enjoyed chocolate, but cats, like dogs can't digest the stuff, so I'll have to make do with catnip.

Tell me a little bit about your world. What are your greatest challenges in that world?
Since I died and was sent back as a cat, my world revolves around helping people find each other. Let me tell you it isn't easy. People are so dense about what's important in life.

Describe yourself in four words.
Furry, four-legged, fun, and clever.

What do you do for a living?
I'm a matchmaker. What I did as a human I don't recall, but I'm sure I was awesome at it.

What do you fear the most?
Never finding out who I was before I ended up as a cat. And of course losing my soul if I can't accomplish my mission of bringing Daniel and Katherine together.

MUST LOVE CATS - The Nine Lives of Thomas Cash Riley - Book 1
Contemporary Fantasy Romance - PG-13
Available HERE 

Check out the book trailer HERE 

Thomas Cash (TC) Riley is mad, bad and – dead. Killed in a one car wreck he's given one last chance to redeem himself for living a selfish, unfulfilled life, and to determine his soul’s final destination.

TC's task, bring together two damaged, single parents, Daniel Bishop, a widowed architect allergic to everything with fur, and Katherine Sinclair, a small town veterinarian.

With the help of a lonely little girl and a brash young boy, can TC remember his past and save his soul in the allotted time?

And can he do it all as a cat?

Teaser Excerpt:

Daniel stood by the counter with a can of beer in his hand. He glanced at me then at the untouched cat food on the floor. "Not hungry?"

I gave the disgusting stuff a whack with my paw.

"Guess you don't care for that brand. Maybe you'd like some of the dry stuff better?"

I butted my head against his leg with enough force to knock him slightly off balance.

He looked down in surprise. "Easy there, tiger. You'll get fed."

I yowled and grabbed his ankle with the tips of my claws.

He jumped. The bag tipped and fell off the counter. Cat kibble spilled over the floor. I sat on my hunches and glared at the offensive stuff.

"Damn cat! Now you'll just have to wait until I have a drink. It's been a long, hot, difficult day."

Condensation beaded on the can. I watched as he lifted the can to open it. My mouth watered at the thought of an ice-cold beer sliding down my parched throat.

I couldn't keep myself from grinning.

"Well, not all of it was bad. Kat's a great woman. Beautiful. Caring. Funny. Smart. After the scare with Alana we all had fun. I can relax and be myself with her in a way I never thought possible. I just don't know if I'm ready for a relationship yet. It's been less than a year since Hannah died. It feels disloyal to consider being with another woman. And that's if she'd even have me.

"Which do you think is more selfish? Pursuing Kat? Or keeping the status quo? Alana likes her. A girl needs a mother. But do I need a woman complicating my life?"

To accomplish my mission, I knew I needed to help him find the answers to his questions, but even as a man I doubted I'd have had the right words, the right answers. As a cat I couldn't begin to offer advice. I ground my teeth in frustration.

"Look at me. Talking to a damned cat."

Cat? I mewed in affronted protest. All the sympathy I felt for the man evaporated. I waited.

He popped the tab. The eruption was just what I'd hoped for. Beer spewed upward, drenching his face and chest. My satisfaction was short-lived. He jerked the can out from his body and beer cascaded down over me. With a squawk I bolted up, but not before I was covered in sticky foam.

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