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WRITERS WRITE...WRITING PARTNERS FEUD ~ Love or lust, that is the Question

A:  (Ang leaned back in her chair, that thoughtful look covering her face while she pretended to shoot pencil darts at the ceiling) Love or lust...should lust triumph over love?
Z:  (He watched her movements, couldn't quite interpret them, but considered she might be looking at the crack he had been meaning to fix, but what was with the hand movement... After a moment he found his response)  Let's research.  I am a fan of lust you know?
A:  (She snapped foreword in her chair and eyed him with acute clarity of, oh-I-got-this-answer) You are a fan of any naked gal with a smile or without one.
Z:  Natter me this Batchick... Fair is fair... I love love.  (He did an air-hug and kissed the vacuous area within his arms... Zi was Zi)  Listen to this.  Bertrand Russell wrote, “Civilized people cannot fully satisfy their sexual instinct without love.”
A:  He must be a well-evolved male.   
Z:  Here's another point... that highlights the chasm between love and lust.    “In our minds, love and lust are really separated. It's hard to find someone that can be kind and you can trust enough to leave your kids with, and isn't afraid to throw her man up against the wall and lick him from head to toe.” -  Tori Amos.  I guess Tori likes her lollypops like you!  (He really did mean candy when it came to Ang.  She was a candyholic after all)
A:  (She stuck out her tongue in non-verbal chastisement, but then wondered if she somehow made his point and quickly hid her lollipop.   Then she twirled in her chair several times before reacting, the movement helped her ponder... or barf... she was hoping for the former) I don't think they are mutually exclusive.  But I have had many people share with me that they can be more lustful when they cheat.  Now, that whole concept is a topic for another blog, but let's just go with this for now.
Z:  (Not about to be niggling his answer was prompt, thought out, poised on his lips just waiting for the opening) The freedom you elude to is a freedom of not being judged within the provincial construct of a traditional marriage.   I can see that lust can be a component of cheating.  I can also see love... but both... wow, that's a thorny bush to crawl through. 
A:  Probably.  (The word came out slowly as if choosing each syllable with discernment and thinking through each phrase in total contrast to his succinct, sharp-minded concepts)  Your hubby spanks you, romps in the sack and likes dirty talk sullies the guy who you think of taking kids to Sunday School and singing in the church choir.
Z: Conflict between courtly love and lusting passion.
A:  Old fashion polite love and hedonistic passion.   Can they merge?
Z:  But... (He jumped out of his chair, pointed toward the ceiling and cupped his fingers around the edge of an imaginary vest against his chest... the stance of every philosopher who had a point to make) if in love and they both want that lust... should they not evolve to accept that about themselves?
A:  Yes, of course.  (In imitation of his posture, she allowed her glasses to slip down to the tip of her nose and twiddled her thumbs, two wise professors having a very valid and vital discussion... neither preachy... both walking the ideas to more complex turf)
Z:  Here.  Doug Horton wrote, “The more we are filled with thoughts of lust the less we find true romantic love.”  (He paced as he spoke, hands clasped behind his back... was he troubled... of course he was... he wanted true love and lust to be one... they should... he knew that)
A:  Doug is a realist but more the pessimist.  If we become more accepting of lustful acts then we can push away the fears their taboos saddle us all with.  Yet... yet (she paused... looked troubled yet spoke)  I do consider is there a taboo line one should never cross or within the realm of consent with all parties, are there no limits?  Can simple dirty-mindedness be fine but rough-hewn fornication a no-no?
Z:  William Penn noted, “Love grows. Lust wastes by Enjoyment, and the Reason is, that one springs from a Union of Souls, and the other from an Union of Sense.”   That is so yesteryear! 
A:  (She frowns at him)  I like yesteryear!  Also, early Pennsylvania was the home of the Quakers a puritan sect.  It is 2014.  We look at it all differently.  After all, what if one person likes to use real jelly lubricant and the other likes KY?  Would love override the distaste factor whereas lust, in this case, would be a prime motivator to not consent.  Interesting, eh?   Lovers will be more likely to be kinky in the name of love and lusters would be more into self-gratification.
Z:  So to understand you, the gorge between love and lust can be closed via the flooding technique of acceptance.  Whereas, lovers should talk about the extra naughty things they would like doing during sex.  If a babe wants play-rape she should tell him.  And If he wants her to nurse him, well, open up the dialogue.
A:  Yes.  So the more truly committed people are honest about sex the closer love and lust become.
Z:  Agreed.
A:  (She handed him an excerpt)  I want to post this.
Z:  (He read)
A seagull skimmed the water’s surface, rising with a wiggling fish in its bill as a hermit crab picked its way into the sand beneath crushed shells that littered the waterline.  Nearby, a rare fully formed conical shell gleamed white-pink, a jewel cast carelessly away by an apathetic sea.  A teenager scooped up the find, cradled the small conch against her ear, listening as if to secrets.  She protected those secrets as if words scribed in her diary.  Did it tell her she would find love with the boy who stood at her side?  One could imagine that.  The boy may have been doing so as he leaned into her, she coltishly withheld the shell but he persisted so she shared, heads near the scalloped opening as if he too could hear the shell’s wisdom.  Were they sharing foreshadowed dreams or possibilities just unspoken?   Or did it truly hold a promise of future trysts with love’s pure verse, at a time and age more in rhyme with who she will become.  Young love was all those dreams, what ifs and more, only held at bay by imagination. 
This was the world so apart from the everyday, from the mundane, a place where romance could be nurtured, could thrive, where strangers met and found ever after, at least for that summer, sometimes for more.  CHASING YESTERDAY by Angelica Hart and Zi, Champagne Books
Z:  I like it.
A:  Love or lust?
Z:  I'd love to lust... with one of our salacious female characters... behind the maple tree... in the wake of a deluge of rain.
A:  Get real!
Z:  Pizza?

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