Thursday, July 17, 2014


A:  Let's do something different.  (Speaks through a mouth full of chocolate)
Z: You always walk into the office eating candy, so what is different?  (Looks her over for her hidden stash.  He liked candy, too)
A: We're sharing a feghoot from the Sin-Sin in Cinderella series.
Z:  Let me think about it.
A: (Pops a chocolate into his mouth)  Too late, already posted it!


There was a snake called Nate.
Aye, a loyal and purposeful snake placed upon Hamlet to hold the province's destiny in its coil.
 Merlin came to Nate and asked of the serpent a powerful sacrifice, one that most would never have accepted. 
Nate was proud to do so. 
Purple with nobility he patrolled the edge of Hamlet guarding the Lever of Doom.
That lever was no ordinary physics device, for if moved it would cause Hamlet to fall into Hades, thus have all burn in damnation upon the Pyres of Hell.
Nate swore that nothing would sway him from his duty.  "Nothing!"
He was not his brother, who allowed all of paradise to fall. 
Aye, the tale Eve gave out was completely false. 
It was Nate's brother, Bellzabubba.  This was his real name, not all those drummed up ones that came later, who wasn't supposed to eat of the Tree of Knowledge, and the fruit wasn't an apple, it was a nut, aye, guys hanging all over the tree with their nuts.
Well, Eve, being jealous of the muscular and well-developed fellas who had gigantic nuts they wouldn't allow her to et, decided, if not her, someone was going down. 
She tempted Bellzabubba, who had a fondness for nuts, to et of the tree. 
He did. 
The big guy got way upset.  Paradise was lost.  And all cause Bellzabubba et a few nuts. 
Oh, did we mention they were cashews? 
Sadly, they were far too nutty and were asked to leave Eden's garden party.

Anysnaky, Merlin slapped him a low one and Nate was left with the fate of Hamlet before him.
All was well for about a week, then the casket began to leak, oops, that is another tale, but trouble was looming for Nate.
At a distance he saw a cloud of dust tracking toward him, it was a boulder, and he quickly ascertained it would strike and possibly move that lever. 
Nate was not about to have that happen.
His plan was to intercept the hurling boulder, crash into it, though much smaller, he felt he could alter the lever destroyer's path.
A slither then lunge, Nate struck the boulder, and the lever was saved. 
Hamlet was saved. 
Nate, though, was dead. 
His stone read:

Better Nate Than Lever.

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