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Z:  (Punches the send key, a two-fingered power punch to add emphasis to his enthusiasm) There I told the coach what the  team should be doing on first downs.
A:  (Looking appalled though was not) Do you think they ever read you endless parade of e-mails?
Z:  Yes... I am not on their band list yet.
A: That's a first.  (She stole his coffee and drank some then put it on her side of the desk)  Speaking of firsts.  That short moment in the scene you just wrote was good.  When Sylthe asked, 'You nervously shake as if this is your first time.'  And Rogue replied, 'My love.  It is.   With you.'
A:  You know, there are so many firsts in life.  (Stares whimsically into nothing and continues to sip his coffee absentmindedly)  The first time you ride a bike.  The first time you get on a plane. 
Z:  First kiss.  First French kiss.  Ooo-la-la... seven kids and no papa!
A:  (She provides a gaze that suggests he is whacky to the point of pushing wicky off the cliff)   First job.  First concert.  First paying job. 
Z:  First handful of boob.  (He looks to his right as if peering into that past moment... the edge of his mouth turns toward a naughty smirk a bit of drool appears on the corner of his lip)  First...
A:  (She interrupts, tossing him a Sponge Bob Square Pants hanky) First car. 
Z:  (He stares at the hanky, having already licked up the moisture, and tucks it into his bow-tie formal t-shirt pocket, tucking and pulling it into a pocket square as if belonging to a CEO wearing a tux) Prom night!  First time you park in that car and slip into the back to slip them off and slip into...
A:  (Suspecting where he was going, she jumps in and wags her finger, notices she has jelly on the tip from her earlier donut, sucks it off cleanly) First time you wear heels.
Z:  Heels?  I have never.  (Doesn't look indignant, instead thoughtful as if counting through memories and making funny faces as if those thoughts were hilarious) Though I met this dude at the Moose Lodge.  He said he did.
A:  (Snaps her head toward him)  You know you tried.
Z:  Never to the square of ever.  (Frames a square in the air with two index fingers)
A:  You had a sister and mother... you tried them on.  No shame in it.
Z:  (Ignores her) Yup, but then there is that all important first.  (Brows do the double arch wiggle, fingers follow with a tada sort of waggle) 
A:  (Nods knowingly, expression almost dreamy, with one eye straying to the left... a recent annoying condition that comes with maturity)  Yes, that is the first I'm talking about.  The one that thrills you beyond thrill.  It changes your life, and your world.  Takes you to the heavens and smacks you back down to earth, making you want to repeat the same thing over and over and over again until you  are so sated you can't see straight, can't think, can only sit there, breathing in the experience.
Z:  (Head bobs up and down like.... well... a bobble-head, his own excitement evident in his suddenly sparkling eyes, his flushed face) Yes, yes, yes, there is nothing like it at all.  (He leans back in his chair, nostalgia stamping his musing countenance)  My first time was in the back seat of a pristine, rebuilt Pontiac Catalina.
A:  (Looks at him with her head tilted, curious,) How old were you?
Z:  (Wags his finger as if she were about to be naughty) Nope, not gonna share that.
A:  (The look of comprehension appears as does big-boned (code for fat) Bodi... the dog attempts to leap into her lap, misses, but she catches her and cuddles for a moment) That young, huh?
Z:  (Waves away her comment, notices a bothersome fly and begins swatting at it)  How about you?
A:  (Looks sheepish) I was very young and it was behind the bleachers with my best friend.
Z:  (Grins his infamous crooked grin... and chuckles)  Friend with bennies, eh?
A:  Oh yes, it was just one of those special relationships, we shared everything, a lot of firsts.  (Sighs... the elusive fly lands on her nose, she smacks her own face and winces)  At first it was wonderful.  My eyes rolled back.  I caught my breath and shivered with delight.  Everything in comparison seemed wishy-washy, faded, bleached, without color, but that moment fireworks erupted, rainbows appeared, like seeing the world through crystal refractions.  
Z:  (Pounds the arms of his chair with his fists to show his interest)   I've never seen you like this.  Of course, your writing reflects those feelings, but you have never expressed it verbally with such vigor.  And you are so right, there is nothing like it, but the first time, sadly, it is over all too fast.
A:  My first time seemed to last and last.  I savored it.  Appreciated every morsel of the moment.  Simply, couldn't get enough of it. 
Z:  Really?  (Eyes widen as his attention grows)  Tell me more.  I want to know everything.
A:  Come on, really?  It's not that big a deal.  I think I'm making more of it then I should.  Most people would consider me loony for even bringing it up, let alone going on and on about it.
Z:  Au Contraire, I find it fascinating. In all these years of partnership, you have never opened up like this unless it had to do with our work.  (He turns in his seat giving her his full consideration)
A:  If you are sure....  (She put the dog down, looks as serious as a skunk about to defend itself)  I don't want you to make fun of it or demean it later on.
Z:  I won't, promise, boy scout honor.  (Holds up four fingers, neither recognizing it is the wrong symbol) 
A:  (She takes a breath, lets it out slowly, obviously preparing to release her deepest, darkest secrets) I kept reaching, begging, demanding all of it.  He'd hold it away but I was insatiable, I dove toward it, determined to get what I wanted and wasn't going to let anything stop me.
Z:  Did your friend finally oblige you?  (Breathing became a bit labored as he leans forward, as if ready to snag and devour every word)
A:  He was a dear, and gave everything he had.  He seemed to instinctively know he had created a monster, and laughed good-naturedly at my eagerness.  His generous nature was one of his greatest assets, and we became inseparable from that moment on.  Still keep in touch on Facebook occasionally.
Z:  Don't get creepy on me, but a few more details, m'gal.  Come on, cough it up.  (He licks his lips as if preparing for a luscious snack)
A:  Well, I'm embarrassed to say, I licked it first with the tip of my tongue to get that first tint of flavor, then I rolled it around my mouth for as long as I could, then sucked for all I was worth before I finally swallowed.
Z:  (Shock follows giddy surprise)  Oh, so we're talking oral fixation?
A:  But, of course, it was the only way I could get the full experience.  The total joy of discovery had to be investigated and relished.  (She looks incredulous that he hadn't figured that out)
Z:  I agree, but most ladies don't get so inquisitive so quickly especially when so young and innocent.
A:  I had wanted it was so long, and I was denied, held back, told it was bad for me.
Z:  I see...  (A frown develops) You said you felt that way at first, what changed?
A:  Suddenly, I couldn't breathe.  I felt suffocated.
Z:  Sometimes that happens. 
A:  I mean, I really couldn't breathe.
Z:  A slight adjustment of your....
A:  (She interrupts)  My tongue felt fat.
Z:  That could be a good thing...
A:  (Again, she interrupts)  Nope... horrible... stomach hurt.  I began to itch all over.  Welts started popping up all over my body.
Z:  Welts?  Really? 
A:  Yup, like in hives.  It was horrible.
Z:  I never heard anything like it.
A:  Turns out I was allergic.
Z:  (Disbelief framed his features) No way. 
A:  Way.  That was why my parents told me I couldn't have it, that it was bad for me.
Z:  How could they have known?
A:  It seems I went into anaphylactic shock the first time they gave me chocolate when I was a little kid, but I never counted that as a first since I couldn't remember.
Z:  You were talking about chocolate!?
A:  Yup, what did you think I was talking about?  (She searches her desk drawer, smiles when she finds the object of her desire and pops the chocolate into her mouth, savoring.    I'm so glad I outgrew that allergy. 
Z: (Groans)

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