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The Inner Room
Genre: M/f BDSM romance
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The Inner Room – where submissive dreams become reality

Dr. Marissa Roberts takes charge and saves lives by day, but spends lonely nights embracing fantasies of erotic submission. When a friend encourages her to explore her submissive longings, Marissa agrees to an evaluation to become a member of an exclusive local BDSM club. With that act, a door is opened to Marissa, and her long-standing fantasies may just become reality.   

Cam Wilder, a nurse at the same hospital as Marissa and an experienced Dominant in his private life, has no idea the prospective slave girl he will assess in The Inner Room of The Power Exchange will be his reserved co-worker. Sparks of desire ignite into flames of passion as Cam recognizes in Marissa the heart of a true submissive yearning for freedom, and she sees in him a Master who speaks directly to her soul.

Their potential BDSM paradise is threatened by the unwanted attention of an arrogant bastard who refuses to take no for an answer. His secret surveillance and devious plans lead to terrifying results that threaten to destroy not only Marissa and Cam’s careers, but the bonds of trust and love they’ve forged together as Master and sub girl.


The shock of seeing Marissa Roberts standing there naked as a baby, save for those fuck-me high heels, caused something to short circuit in Cam’s brain, and he found himself momentarily speechless. He realized now Jack hadn’t even told him the subject’s name, but only that she was a novice with almost no experience in the scene.

Despite the fact she was trying to cover herself, Marissa’s body was even lovelier in real life than the images he’d conjured of her when stroking himself to a quick morning orgasm in the shower. She was blushing sweetly. Her shiny, dark hair cascaded to her shoulders, a deep cleavage created between those luscious breasts by her arms hugging her body.

Cam felt like one of those cartoon characters whose jaw had come unhinged from shock, but his brain sternly ordered him to regain control of the situation. He was the Master; she was the novice trainee. To cede control would be to undermine the entire process. The thing to do was to push on with the assessment. He owed it to Jack, to himself, and to Marissa.

“I could ask you the same thing, sub girl, but we both know the answer. I am a master trainer, and you are here as my subject. You are in the inner room, which means Jack apparently saw something in you worthy of exploration. My job tonight is to assess your submissive potential. As of right now, I see none.”

He glared at her. “Look at you, out of position, hiding your body from me. The first rule of submission is never hide from your Master—not your feelings, not your fears and most definitely not your body. Back in position, arms behind your head. Now!”

Marissa didn’t move. If possible, her face became even redder and she stared at him with flashing eyes, her chin lifting in defiance. If she didn’t obey even this most basic command, Cam would end things then and there. He would let Jack know he was not compatible with the subject and hadn’t been able to properly assess her as a result. Jack wasn’t a forgiving sort of man, Cam knew, and that would be the end of Marissa’s chances to join the club. 

He would count to three in his head. If she hadn’t obeyed by then, he’d walk out. There was no other way.



For more excerpts, click here: Inner Room Excerpts

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About the Author

I’ve been writing for nearly two decades, and have published over 60 novels. I write BDSM romance and non-con abduction tales, spanning both m/f and m/m genres. My love affair is with all things D/s (Dominance/submission). My work began as a romantic exploration of the BDSM life style, and then veered somewhat to the darker side of fantasy. I love delving into the dark psyche of a twisted mind, and gaining insight into what might motivate such a person to do what they do. I don’t create all black and white villains and heroes, but rather strive to develop real, complex and flawed human beings. I don't want to simply provide an erotic thrill or evocative description. I seek not only to tell a story, but to come to grips with, and ultimately exalt in the true beauty and spirituality of a loving exchange of power. My darker works press the envelope of what is erotic and what can be a sometimes dangerous slide into the world of sadomasochism. Ultimately my work deals with the human condition, and our constant search for love and intensity of experience.

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