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Z:  It's's May... outdoor lovin' begins this day.  (He grinned that naughty grin)  Want to go on a picnic?  (Just a magician would pull a bouquet of fake flowers out of his sleeve, Zi pulled from his an bundle of red-vine Twizzlers)
A:  In June.  (Grabbed the red-vine, noticed that they were stale, but continued to eat... why... sugar was sugar)
Z:  I was in June in College.
A:  You were and are innnn-sane!
Z:  (Zi grabbed the bundle from her hand and cajoled)  These were a bribe to get you to picnic with me.
A:  Picnic with yourself.  You probably did that also in college.  (She snatched the candy back)
Z:  (After five minutes of processing her assertion, he asked)  Do you want to write another Vampire book?
A:  Vampires and/or werewolves are everywhere.
Z:  (Zi started a search on Vampire books)
A:  (While he was turned away, she put a pair of fake fangs into her mouth and crept up behind him and in a horrible Transylvanian accent she spoke)  I vont to suck... your Twizzler.
Z:  (He turned as she laughed and in so doing, spit her fangs out.  They were so close the fangs popped into his mouth that was agape.)
A:  Beast!
Z:  Me?   Grrrrr!  (He transitioned into a general dialog about vampire books)  People like the primal animal these books represent.  Let me gnaw on you... while my guttural growl brings butterflies to your belly.  Let me suck... the youth from you... and flop in that sate.
A:  I get the exchange of blood is likened to the exchange of bodily fluid.  The suck on the neck or elsewhere is pseudo-sexual.  The haunting captivity of the victims is much like being smitten.  But, come on, it is a form of bestiality.  Animal on human.  Is this where I add the ick?  Or do I accept that titillation as real?  (She opened the collar of her blouse, showing white flesh and a tad of cleavage) Why don't you come up and... bite me... bite me... big boy.  (May West hand-hip swag was in place)
Z:  So vampires... a crime against nature? 
A:  But by nature, humans feel akin to animals... so isn't it their nature to be beasty?  (She bent her chin down tightly to grab a red-vine without using her hands... she was close and maneuvered the bunch to be closer... delight manifested itself in her eyes, she had created a self-serve candy dispenser)
Z:  Bestial behavior has always been a taboo, but has also intrigued since the beginning of recorded history.  Petyroglyphs show prehistoric man getting it on with beasts. 
A:  Deviant... or bad blind date Saturday? 
Z:  Mythology and folklore have highlighted this activity with the likes of the myth Leda and the Swan, where the horny fowl gets the girl... good.  (He paused)  Not good that he gets her but good is how!   I've seen the statues and pictures. 
A:  That's one romping rooster.  This all gives new meaning to being cocked. 
Z:  Centaurs, half man/ half horse, have been pictured in sexual union, stallions, accouterments have excited women. 
A;  Ride 'em cowgirl!  (She pulled a red vine and used it as a crop riding her air horsy)
Z:  Minotaurs, in the middle ages, were bull-men that were always depicted as powerful and sexual.  (Giving the get-with-the-program-cause-this-is-serious look) 
A:  Minotaur crap... fantasy bull-shit?  (She popped the candy into her mouth and showed the whites of hers eyes in pleasure)  
Z:  A faun, such as Pan, was an ancient god that was half man and half goat, often depicted as seducing via his flute.  
A:  Flute?  (She plucked another red vine and tried to play the limp piece of candy as one might a flute... she tooted the song... A Framer in the Dell)
Z:  Satyrs, also men having goat-like features, especially their phallus, have been seen in pictures having their way, missionary style, with of all beasts, goats. 
A:  Baaaad story!  (Because of the tooting and having candy in her mouth, she driveled red spit down her chin and giggled as she wiped it... ultimately, offering a lick to Zi who shunned her) 
Z:  Dating back to the 14th century and continuing into the 20th, women were accused of being witches and punished because they were thought to be having sex with animals.  Why the sex?  Some weird belief that they were trying to mate with the Devil, who were oft though the image of a goat.  So, you can see that the fascination has been omnipresent.  
A:  Zoophilia and/or bestiality has been thought deviant.  The recent media use of attractive werewolves and vampires softens the edge of that deviancy.  So have our characters in our writing moved people to be more accepting of this behavior?
Z:  That is the least of our worries.
A:  I worry I haven't laughed today.
Z:  I vont to suck your...
A:  Be nice.
Z:  I have a short piece.
A:  (She read)
Little Boy Blue still chatting-up Little Girl Pink, "A young Grandpa Dumpty was in Paris walking along one of the River Seine's bridges one sunny afternoon and saw a man about to jump off.  Frantic, Dumpty sprinted to the man and shouted, 'Wait, don't jump!  Let's talk!  I'm sure things can't be this bad!'  The jumper turned to Dumpty and sobbed, 'What do you know about it?  Listen, my magic built that castle. See that one over there? And there!  Three of those Bastions are my design!  But when I walk down a rue, does anyone say, There goes Merlin, the Magical Architect?  Nay, they don't!  I write necromancy books, too!  I wrote a magical mystery novel in 3D that made the Hamlet Old Times best-seller list!  But does anyone say, There goes Merlin, the magical author?  Nay, they don't!  For ten years I've taught magic courses at Spell U Without a Y, but does anyone ever say, There goes Merlin, the magical college prof?   Nay, they don't!  But you suck one little twisler...'"  (BALDERDASH AND  DONA PENZA TATTLE TALES  PRESENTS:  SECOND FLORILEGIUM...THE FABLE OF SIN-SIN-CINDERELLA BALLING...BOOK TWENTY-FOUR...DANCING LOVE...BY  Angelica Hart and  Zi

A:  Want some soup?
Z:  Ok.
A:  Your turn to make it.
Z:  I think I have some frozen ox-tail soup.
A:  Really?

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