Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Publisher Alert and submission call~ Tule Publishing

 Introducing Tule Publishing

Tule Publishing has one goal – to publish fantastic stories, by the best writers, to delight the reader, while satisfying the writers desire for creativity, freedom, and commercial success. Tule is about the writer making money, having fun in the process, and working with awesome women- fellow writers- and Tule’s small e-publishing team.

Tule publishes Romance, Commercial Women’s Fiction and Chik Lit. We are looking to publish more genres later in 2014. We are always open to a good story!

Tule publishes around 2 to 6 books a month. We aim to get a new book into reader’s hands each week. While trying to mix single titles and novella releases throughout the month.

Our books range from short novellas to full length single titles. Tule started publishing books as a digital format but now we are moving in a hybrid direction, with print and digital copies available.

We recently released our newest series, The Great Wedding Giveaway, which features 8 sweet and sexy novellas. Each novella is written by a different author and centered around the Great Wedding Giveaway, which is part of our Montana Born imprint. Let the wedding madness begin!

We are very excited about our new imprints, Carolina Born and Holiday. Carolina Born features sexy southern romances set in the Carolina low country. Holiday is a mix of romance and chik lit - perfect for beach reads and a feel good escape. We also have single titles releasing this spring. Starting with The Frog Prince by Jane Porter and I Love the 80’s and Once More with Feeling by Megan Crane.

Tule plans to keep growing and expanding into different genres and continuing to deliver original, fantastic stories. We will release new series in our Montana Born imprint with a homecoming series and county fair series in the fall. For our Holiday imprint, we will have a Christmas series each set in different countries around the world. We will visit Carolina Born again in winter for heartwarming southern Christmas stories. For the end of 2014 and early 2015 we are looking to publish a new imprint, Muse, which will include dark and sexy stories such as Erotica, Fantasy, Paranormal and edgy Romance.

Marketing has been the responsibility of writers for years. If you want your book to succeed, you need to do your part in supporting it. The publishing industry is an always changing and evolving business. Authors and marketing teams must always be aware of the different opportunities and ways to market a book. Tule incorporates a variety of marketing tactics including digital and print ads, blog tours, reviews, social media action, etc. In the end, the writer must do his or her part to ensure the success of the book.

We are looking for stories that are well written and include some sizzle, definitively happy and compelling. We want a book that keeps us turning the pages and when it is over, we are disappointed that there is not more to read.

Wondering how you can submit to Tule? Send us a synopsis of your book and a first chapter. Please look over our imprints and decide which fits your story best. Then, when you are ready, send your submissions to:

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