Friday, February 28, 2014

Manlove Romance Press Special Submission Calls

What's That Exhibit?
There are so many different museums out there these days: art, science, history, play. What happens when the doors are closed? What goes on during a tour? Or how about a fundraiser? The guys working and visiting these halls of entertainment and education are often seen as “the geeks” or “the bookworms”. What if they’re not? Or what if that’s what makes them special?

Submissions due by April 20th, 2014

To Know You
Everyone has a mother, and we all have some form of relationship with the person given the title. What's the relationship between your main characters and their mothers? Is it easy, rocky, non-existent, or do they call someone not blood related mother? How do they handle the time of year when flowers and chocolates and jewelry explode from the shelves in a rivalry with Valentine's Day?We want stories that tear our hearts, that warm our souls, that have us scrambling for tissues. Send us your best stories that showcase the relationship between men and their mothers.

Deadline for submissions: March 1, 2014

Someone to Savor
Older men need love too. It isn't always about the young lovers. Just because a man is over forty doesn't mean he's "lost it". Like fine wine, they should be savored. It could be and older/younger relationship or two older men finding love. First time relationships or guys who are finding love for a second time.

Stories due by June 15, 2014

Love's First Blush
Spring is a time of firsts...first thaw, first flower bloom, first love. It's also a time of rebirth. We're looking for those first love stories; stories of a new love after loss, could be a lover leaving them tragically (dying) or falling out of love with them. Stories should end with at least a Happy For Now with a sense of hope.

Stories due by March 15, 2014

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