Thursday, January 9, 2014


A:  All finished.
Z:  Yea!
A:  Hope they enjoy it.  It is a bit old fashioned.
Z:  Are you showing your age?
A:  Naw, just giving a flash back to that inner romantic.


Jami never did leave the next day.  In fact, she extended her stay for several weeks, taking a leave of absence from her job, and getting to know Adam more and more each day, both of them finding they were each other's meant to bes.  Finally, they impetuously eloped, simply and quietly.  The Inn was still closed for the winter months and they had it all to themselves.  

He ran for some essentials for a snow storm threatened, and Jami readied the honeymoon suite and took a shower, wrapping just a towel around her.  Afterward, she had fallen asleep in the huge circular bed, totally relaxed and at peace for the first time in ever so long.  She had no regrets about the hasty marriage and believed nothing could mar this wonderful morning. She looked forward to feeling Adam’s kiss, his touch, the taking that she knew would be gentle and loving. 

When Adam stared down at her, still a bit stunned, as well as awed, that this was his wife. This beautiful creature with a pure soul and wide-open heart actually loved him. His gaze flowed over the ginger-colored hair fanned out on the pillow, the sharp collarbone, the length of creamy white arms. He could barely breathe when he peeked under the sheets, tugging open the towel she wore to bed.
He swallowed hard at the sight of her beauty. She was his now, and no one would ever again come between them.  Instead, he continued to consume her beauty. Perfectly formed breasts, a tight, tiny waist, a neat, ginger-colored triangle between alabaster thighs, and legs that went on forever made up one very lavish and intoxicating woman. His groin tightened and he had all he could do not to just take her then and there. Instead, he took a shower, and then crawled into bed next to her. 

He roused her slowly, with gentle kisses and endless loving whispers. He took forever with her, partly hesitating so as not to rush this wondrous night, for they had chosen to savor this night, not rush anything, just as they hadn't rushed into bed.  He also partly held back because he was so unsure of himself. He hadn’t been with a woman for a very long time. Then Jami whispered on a tiny breath, "Please… Please Adam, make me yours."

It was all he needed. Still slow, but with growing passion, he caught her face between rough palms, taking her in a hot searing kiss. His tongue plunged inside her sweet recesses, relearning the velvety texture and her unique clean taste. He skimmed gums and teeth, probed every serration, every space.
Tenderly his hands slipped downward, caressing her waist, her hips, feeling her move until she was beneath him, feeling her fingers within his hair, knowing it took every ounce of will not to just plunge into her. She kept encouraging it, though, with the slow motion of her hips, with moans and whimpers, with fingers that urged his mouth downward to experience the turgid swelling buds, to lick them until she squirmed and pleaded even more.

She never wanted like this. She never knew it could be like this. Love like theirs, made it glorious, made it the instrument of divine pleasure that it had always meant to be. His hands were everywhere and she responded to every movement, replicated every pleasure, offering as much as he gave.
She felt his fingers slip into her, a hesitant invasion that grew in urgency, grew until she bit his shoulder rather than scream out a need held in check too long. Finally, he was inside her, a thrusting motion that rocked them into a new intimacy, an intimacy none before had granted. She was his and he hers, and it was right and true and endless. He said her name on a breath. She spoke her love between those breaths. And when they shattered, tears rained upon both faces, and the shattering spilled out into a small eternity where nothing existed but the depth of love.
The two had found their forever, and forever was perfect.



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