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For several weeks, we have explored the wickedly, wonderful, fanciful joys and lusty forays into a kiss, from that first look, to the bated breaths, to the touching, searching and finally the consummation of something people explore daily but only few recognize the truth behind the kiss.  It isn’t just the meeting of lips, or the passion it ensues, it is mind telling us we need the feel of another, we need to know that we can have these moments, that life would be empty without them.

Since we are just talking about the kiss we won’t discuss where that simple or not so simple kiss can lead.  Instead, we will wax on about the ending of a kiss.  When lips pull away, and although the heart continues to beat frantically, the world conspires to tear apart what can lead to the sublime. 

Yet, there is always that promise it will happen again.  Maybe, not as grand as that which brought us to the land of enchantment, but many that will come close.  So, we close out our little series with a collusion with a Chinese Proverb, “Kissing is like drinking salted water.  You drink, and your thirst increases.”   May we all enjoy lots and lots of salted water. 


While bio-terrorists use her handcrafted dolls to attack the innocent, Letti Noel falls for FBI agent Taut Johnson. Deceit is a growing barrier to their love, but it's the stalking terrorists that threaten their lives.

Taut felt himself drowning in the heat, the crave, the lure of her sexuality. He had women, had known love but this…this…untamed fervor was more than what experience taught him. He liked the slow pull and tug, the appreciation of every movement, every taste, kiss, and especially the prolonging of that first plunge. But this was good. This was perfect for this woman, this moment. At the same time, it was all wrong. It wasn't fair to her. He couldn't take advantage. But was he? He wanted her, and it was well beyond just the sexual wanting. If fate brought them together at any other time, he wouldn't stop. He'd ignore his own leisurely forays that had brought such divine pleasure in the past and surrender to this new animalistic pace she set. They'd have time to dawdle later. He suspected they'd have years, for there was much to know about Letti, much to uncover and learn and experience, and he didn't want it to ever end. Yet he had to end this, now, right now. If he had even a sliver of hope that they'd have something left once the case was over, he had to stop. And he did so abruptly, yanking himself away with the same suddenness that he had kissed her.

She stood there, stunned, disbelieving. "What?" was all she could manage, and barely that. In fact, she groped about for a chair as her legs threatened to buckle.


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