Thursday, October 3, 2013


A:  Whatja think? (Points to the computer screen)
Z:  Kinda dark. (Chows down on an over-sized hot dog)
A:  How can you eat that while I'm dieting?
Z:  It was the last dog.  Doing you a fav, this way you won't eat it.  (Wiggles brows)
A:  This...this horrible...terrible...pain-wracking diet is interfering with my craft.  I usually can toss a token of humor in our work.
Z: (Smacks his lips as the last of the dog goes down.)  You?  Humor?  I'm the funny-man... the one with the plan... the hoot with the toot.
A: (Waves at the air and wrinkles her nose at the sudden stench)  That was not funny.
Z:  Opps.  Sorry. 
A:  Forgiven, but seriously, you outlined the bones of this piece but my additions are so morose.
Z:  Reads the piece.  A bit, but I like it.  Just needs a better ending.
A:  (Sighs)  I know.  Maybe I should go eat a little something just to inspire me.
Z:  If you must.
A:  I must!  (Leaves)
Z:  (Checks out the candy drawer and debates on which chocolate bar he should choose)
A:  (Returns)  I got the ending.  (Types away, prints out and with a satisfied grin shares their poem)


A journey begins from a pernicious
hurt so intense it divides the soul,
ushering it into the gray blinding shadows
that encompasses like a shroud.
She believes there will never be light.
For how dare it pierce such flawless anguish?
Yet a sliver appears, brilliant and hypnotic
against the ebony space of her tortured being.
It coaxes her closer till the curiosity stirs an
eagerness that demands recognition.
She denies the emotions welling inside,
memories of betrayal and torment so
old as to be made fresh with the newly
acquired sensations from unexpected hunger.
Resistance soon dwindles as mesmerizing
possibilities enrapture and hypnotic thoughts ensue
sincerity that make the shadows bright.
So the journey began in the caliginous depths,
only to end with the glorious certainty that
what had been, need never be again.
She throws herself into blinding adoration,
submitting without a shred of trepidation.
Only had the road had led her astray?
For her heart bleeds
And the shadows descend
As the journey begins again.
She sat in Charcoal Pit and ate the dreaded hot fudge sundae
Hating she was on a diet.

Z:  (Laughs) Perfect ending!
A: Now, who's the funny man?  (Grins)
Z:  Not you... you're a woman.... right?


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