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Until the spooky, icy eve of that most chilling of all nights, Halloween, is here and gone in a half of a blink, we are going to treat you to the conclusion of a haunting, a romance we created just for the readers of Dawn's blog.

If you missed any of it, you'll find Part I on October 17 and Part II on October 24.   

Don't forget to turn off the lights, it's the only way to get the full effect of our haunting little sweet treat.



Her name coming out of the empty air like that nearly felt like a icy cold drenching water .  Nearly, mind you.  The momentary sane thought should have provoked terror.  It did, but it only lasted a second, maybe two.  The burning agony of needing to climax, needing him in her when she climaxed, needing an orgasm so bad she would have signed over her every possession including her heart, burned terror away like a bonfire consuming a leaf. 

"You're a ghost...aren't you," came out again in those tattered little huffs of air.

"A specter to be true, but you feel me, do you not?  You want me, do you not?  And the more you have me, the more real I will become."

His words were muddled.  She barely heard him.  What were words when touch said so much more.  She couldn't listen.  Even his fist wasn't enough, it barely touched her swollen nub, just little teases that drove her insane.  She wanted his shaft, and wanted it now, probably would want it later, would want in every opening she possessed, and not just once but again and again. 

She wanted to be his sex doll.  His toy.  She never wanted to stop.  "Ah hell, I don't care if you're the headless horseman, do me.  Do me now!  Now!"  Who was this woman who spewed words like that about as if it were part of her everyday vocabulary?  Who was this person whose need exceeded her will in every way?  She didn't care.  She cared only about this moment, this specter, this feeling.  "Do it now!" she demanded again.

And he did.  He lifted her other leg around his unseen waist and plunged his invisible rod deep inside her.  She was wet enough to take it, take every bit of it, and that somehow surprised her, that something so unreal could feel so huge and so very good.

Mari wasn't a one night stand sort of person.  She was very fastidious when choosing a lover, and wasn't quick about jumping into bed.  She believed in relationships and with the amount of diseases floating about, she practically screened her to-be-partner back to his first kiss.  She also was very lady like, very soft spoken, not at all like the vampish wench tossing out intimate demands as if she were the madam whore of a nasty drinking hole at some down under pub.  Somehow, though, it felt right. 

Legs wrapped around his waist, He was pumping like a freaking jackhammer, his fingers buried on her bottom cheeks squeezing hard, his lips sucking the breath from hers, and her as open and free as a slut, seemed fully right and perfect.  For the first time in all too long, without the use of her super-hyped vibrator, she found herself reaching for an orgasm.  She tossed her head back from his lips.  She screamed a string of curses with a few, "Harder.  Deeper.  More," thrown into the mix.

Suddenly her back was against a wall, and her one leg was tossed over his shoulder, spreading her even wider.  She hadn't realized he wasn't entirely inside her, she realized it now.  He drove so deep, it hurt.  He spread her so wide, it hurt.  He pounded so hard, it hurt.   His cock rubbed her clit so raw, it hurt.  And she loved it.  She couldn't spread herself wide enough for him, open herself enough, give of herself enough. 

Faster and faster he drove into her until she was totally incoherent, until her world died and her clit became a swollen hard nub that reached and reached and finally contracted against his surges.  It was one long, endless contraction, followed by another and another.  It lasted forever, and when it was over it wasn't really over, for tiny smaller contractions ravished her body.  She pulsated against the wall as if her entire being was one giant orgasm. 

Finally, she felt herself being lifted onto the bed.  Felt the mattress indent next to her and his non-existent hand moving over her heaving chest and slightly rounded belly. 

"I found you, m'Mari.  I will always find you as you always find me.  You'll grow old here and die, and then you will come back again."

It finally made sense, a veil was lifted.  At that moment, she felt herself being flipped over.  He forced her buttock in the air, pressed her cheeks apart.  She screamed when he penetrated her in one quick motion, but then she began to match his frantic pumping motion.  She was ready again.  She wanted again.  She needed again.  Because she understood.  It had been a long time since they had been together this time.  The elderly woman before her had died 27 years before.  Now, Mari had reincarnated into this new body as she had been reincarnating since she had been first taken from her love and died almost within the year.    

There against the wall, the other side of the sheet fell away from the rest of the picture, and she recognized herself, not as she looked now, but as she looked then, gypsy midnight black dark hair, nearly translucent blue eyes, the buxom bar wench that married a gentleman of the upper crust, and then was kidnapped by his family and sent far away to a brothel. 

She had learned a lot in that brothel and in each new life, she offered all she learned to her husband, her very own spooky sexy specter. 

The End

Hope you this was a HAPPY HALLOWEEN TREAT!  And guess what, no calories!


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