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Until the spooky, icy eve of that most chilling of all nights, Halloween, is here and gone in a half of a blink, we are going to treat you to the Part II of a haunting, a romance we created just for the readers of Dawn's blog. If you missed Part I, you'll find the post on October 17.   

Don't forget to turn off the lights, it's the only way to get the full effect of our haunting little sweet treat.



A glance at the mirror across the room showed her body being contorted, caressed.  There was even evidence of  hand impressions, lip impressions appeared, but there was no one, no one visible at all!  And her own wide open eyes showed no one holding her, kissing her, demanding things she rarely offered to anyone.    

She screamed.

Only, oddly, the scream wasn't just from fear.  It was a scream of awakening.  He  awakened her ardor and sexuality like it had never ever been exposed.  Still, fear spiraled quickly into terror as large hands squeezed one breast, massaging it as pliable lips and a delving tongues dueled with her own resistant one. She pushed and shoved at a massive well-muscled chest.  A sinewy mountain that felt like a man who would not budge.  She could feel it, but couldn't see it. 

Then it happened, suddenly, quickly, like a match being lit, a snap, a crackle, a flame tossed into a bonfire, a bonfire of lust.  His touch and kiss imitated conflagration, evoked sizzling sparks that spread through her body quickly, insistently, making her want and need and desire. 

"Stop!" she shouted.  "Let me go!"  Though her words were in opposition to what her body wanted, the surreal moment was more than creepy.  It was insane.  Especially since she really, really didn't want to stop this inferno of insatiable desire.

"Ah, but I came upon your invitation, m'dear lady.  You said you haven't had a romp lately."  He bit her bottom lip.

She cussed like a sailor on shore leave.

"Ah such language, m'love."

"You bit me."

"And I will again, and again, all over.  You love it."

"No...No...don't."  But she lied, she did love the nip, she loved the taste of the salty bit of blood. She wanted to matter-of-factly ask him to bite her tit, actually say the word tit, to leave bite marks all over her body."

"Aye, m'sweet one, you asked for a little romp.  Is that not a invitation to come."  She heard a smile in his voice.  "So I came, m'dove, and I now I intend to come in your sweet, hot body."

She should have said no, go away, never come back, it was a joke.  She should have said anything, anything at all.  Instead, she groaned like a wanton slut who had been locked in the tower for a little too long.

He chuckled.  "I see the lady is well done with protesting too much."

The husky deep voice was as much of an aphrodisiac as was his insistent manipulations.  His hands were all over her body, kneading, cupping, invading.  One moment it was her breasts, the next his brawny fingers were in her hair, and then he yanked her head back as he layered kisses upon her neck, sucking type of kisses that she knew would leave a mark, and shame on her, she wanted him to mark her.  She wanted his brand.  He claimed her mouth once more, then deserted that to suck and bite her tits.  The sensation left her floating in a seas of sexual stimulations of desire, wave upon pre-orgasmic shudders attacked her core and coursed through her body.

She felt all of it on a level that surpassed anything she had ever felt before.  It was as if her body was over sensitized, and each feathery touch multiplied every sensations.  And she wanted all of it, found her legs parting as his rough hand landed under her thigh, forcing it upward.   She unwittingly wrapped it around his waist as she pressed herself against him.  A nude specter, the thought whispered by, but that wasn't as startling as the realization that she couldn't stop herself.  It all felt so real, but there was no body, no form, nothing to visualize.  She was being ravished and she was alone with a voice in her head and a mirror that insisted something was ravishing her.  Although, this sort of attack she liked. 

Damn, she realized, there had been a little whore lurking in the darkest depths of her heart and it was taking a supernatural episode or a lapse into insanity to bring it out.

Maybe, she should have taken that moment to consider her judgment, her morality, the depth of her insanity, but the true psychosis would have been to deny herself the absolute bliss of this invasion.  Still, she screamed another, "Please don't.  You mustn't."  Felt she was obliged to do so, after all, he, it, whatever, wasn't real.

He chuckled against her neck.  "m'lady, you want this, tell me you want this.  Tell me to take you, wench.  Tell me how much you need me."

"No...go away," she managed weakly even as she found her hands in silky hair, pulling his lips back to hers.

This time he laughed aloud, and was the one who surrendered to her longings.  He plunged his tongue deep into her mouth, thrashing around, eliciting unbelievable heat, she moaned and panted. 

"What are you?  Who are you?" she spat out between spearing tongue lashes and body groping.  It wasn't only his hands that roamed and taunted, she raked her nails over his back, squeezed his buttock, and pumped against his hip, trying to tease him inside her. 

"You're mine.  You'll always be mine."  He informed her as if he had just snared the Hope Diamond.


His fingers found her core and he speared her with three digits, plunging hard as he if he expected resistance and wanted to get that part over with.  There wasn't any resistance.  If anything, she wanted more, she wanted his whole damn fist, and she began to hump his fingers. 

"I don't understand."  The words came out almost like hiccups, for she couldn't stop pumping his hand.

He increased the tension, plunged a fourth digit inside her then a fifth.  "You'll always come back 'ere, just as I do."

"I don't get it."

"Ah, but I am giving it to you, and giving it to you good, I might add."

"No...this... this thing about knowing me and me knowing you."

His pace slowed.

"Explain," she blurted, "but don't stop....faster...harder..."

"We are of this world and the next and we will never truly part."

She didn't quite understand those last words, for her eyes began to roll back in her head, her pulse raced so rapidly she could barely breath, and she kept up with his pace, actually begged, "More.  I want more.  Fist me!  Give it to me!" 

"I always do, m'Mari."

For part three, the conclusion, join us next week!


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