Thursday, October 17, 2013

Welcome Samantha Gentry today

Hello, everyone.  My name is Samantha Gentry and I'd like to thank Dawn for this opportunity to tell you about my Halloween ebook release.

Halloween is two weeks from today.  And, in an incredible coincidence (wink, wink), I just happen to have an erotic witch romance scheduled for general release in ebook tomorrow (Friday, October 18, 2013) at The Wilder Roses, the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance from The Wild Rose Press.  And, in honor of the season, the story begins with powerful High Priest Devon Bainbridge, the hero of HIS MAGICK TOUCH, at a mortal's Halloween party.  Devon is thoroughly disgusted by the mortal's foolish Halloween celebration with their depiction of witches as ugly creatures with hooked noses and warts.  But his presence at the party is necessary to his personal agenda, so he suffers in silence the travesty of the party and the denigration of all he is and all he represents.

Devon's agenda is an ongoing quest to locate Miranda St. Clair, the witch responsible for the destruction of his brother a century ago through her total misuse and abuse of her witch powers.  And when he locates her, he fully intends to exact his revenge even though it's an action in violation of the witch's credo of Harm To None—a credo he believes in and practices faithfully.

He has information saying Miranda's sister will be attending the mortal's Halloween party.  And it's the sister, Raina St. Clair, whose acquaintance he plans to make in order to surreptitiously use her to locate the elusive Miranda.

To Devon's surprise, the beautiful and very sexy Raina knows exactly who he is when he innocently makes contact with her at the party.  She has no knowledge of his history with her sister.  She had intended to approach him at the upcoming large Samhain gathering, involving many covens including hers and his, with a special request of her own.  She wants him to teach her sex magick.  As a High Priest and expert practitioner of sex magick, it's a request often made of him.  But this time is different.

Will this unexpected turn of events help or hinder his quest to find Miranda and seek retribution?

HIS MAGICK TOUCH  R-Adult Excerpt #1:
She grabbed a napkin from the bar and dabbed at her neck and upper chest, leaving most of the champagne to trickle between her breasts.

He set the half-empty glass on the bar, surprise covering his features. “I’m so sorry.” A sincere concern surrounded his words. “Are you okay?”

Just the sound of his smooth masculine voice sent a ripple of desire coursing through her body, headed directly for her pussy. She gave him her most seductive smile as she continued to dab the champagne from her skin. “I’m fine, no problem.”

He ran his fingertip along the edge of her plunging neckline. “Can I be of assistance?” A quick glance down the front of her dress noticeably quickened his breathing. “I can lick up the excess champagne…if it will help.” His voice and words teased and a sexy grin tugged at the corners of his mouth, but the glow in the depth of his eyes radiated pure passion and sexual magnetism. The kind that could melt the most determined woman’s defenses.

Her nipples puckered, partly from the cold champagne and partly from his obvious perusal of her body combined with the sexual energy that practically sparked from him. Her heartbeat increased. Being this close to him had her juices flowing and her desires running at full speed. She definitely wanted to experience Devon’s sexual prowess and learn the techniques of sex magick from a master, to discover and embrace the untapped potential of her sexuality.

She smiled seductively. “That’s a very gracious offer."

BLURB:  As the powerful High Priest of his coven, Devon Bainbridge lives by the witch's credo of Harm To None. Yet he is willing to sacrifice everything in his century long quest for revenge. He intends to use Raina St. Clair as a means of locating her sister, the witch who misused her powers to destroy his brother. But once he meets Raina, his plan doesn't go as intended, especially when he discovers her agenda. She wants to learn sex magick.

Is Raina the one woman who could save Devon from himself?

HIS MAGICK TOUCH, erotic witch romance is available in ebook starting Friday, October 18, 2013, at The Wilder Roses, the Scarlet Rose line of erotic romance from The Wild Rose Press:

Samantha Gentry's typical day

As soon as I wake up, Harrison (my houseboy) draws my scented bath.  By the time I've finished bathing and am dressed he has prepared a champagne brunch which he serves on the terrace next to the swimming pool.  I spend the next two hours reading the morning newspaper and working on my tan.

Promptly at the stroke of noon I adjourn to my home office and begin writing.  I spend a grueling four hours slaving away over my computer keyboard creating brilliant prose filled with exciting characters, entertaining plots and highly sensual encounters.  I emerge from seclusion at four o'clock having written the next chapter of my current work-in-progress.

Harrison's talented touch soothes my tight shoulder muscles with an expert massage.  He pours me a glass of wine before going to prepare a gourmet dinner.  And the rest of the evening is better left to your imagination.

Oops…I just lost my hold on reality for a moment.  Sorry.

I'm a morning person and am usually at my computer by six o'clock with a cup of hot coffee which I keep at a safe distance from my keyboard (been through the spilled coffee on the keyboard before, don't need to do it again).  The first thing I do is go through my email.  Then I get to work-either writing or revising on my current work in progress, or doing the edits on my next release.  I usually run errands in the early afternoon.

Hmm…I think I like the first version of what my typical day consists of better than the reality.  :) 

Additional excerpts from HIS MAGICK TOUCH and information on my other books available on my website at  I also invite you to visit my blog, a new post every Sunday morning, at


Ashantay said...

Enjoyed your post and the excerpt. Do you lend Harrison out on occasion?

Bet wishes for a successful, book release!

Anonymous said...

love the book cover for HIS MAGICK TOUCH. Good luck with it. It sounds like an intriguing story.

Samantha Gentry said...

Ashantay: Do I allow Harrison to wander? No way!! Some scheming woman would try to keep him as her own and that is totally unacceptable! :)

Thanks for your comment.

Samantha Gentry said...

Franny: Thanks, I appreciate your comment.

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