Thursday, August 1, 2013


A: Maybe you have been reading our blogs, and maybe not.  However, if this is a first, then we thought it time to re-introduce ourselves.  Sooo, hello everybody, I'm Angelica Hart. (Queen Elizabeth-style waves)
Z: I am Zi.  We are also Vixen Bright and Zachary Zane.   (Shares a velvet hammer smile, it a grimace turned)
A: That's not an untruth.
Z: A double negative, which in English writing circles creates a positive. Did you know there are no two positives that create a negative?
A: Yeah, right!!!
Z: Strike that point.
A: About us? Do letters and comments from people who have read our work influence us?
Z: Influence? (A snigger of a grin invades his face)
A: Be nice. (The Italian grandmother joins the schoolmarm in a finger waggle)
Z: Always nice, though in a 'round the mulberry bush of nicey-nice. People matter. Day one, moment one, when I sat down to write, I wrote for the reader. Never for myself. I have faces, souls, spirits, and images of them in an array of settings as I create. I challenged myself to make them feel what I thought the stories asked.
A: And then? (She prepared for serious overload)
Z: Ok… ok… and then I met you and discovered you made that desire so much easier because you understood the rare beauty of entertaining… women… and pointed out I did it well. It was that moment with your pull toward great stories with passion and my crave to find the depth of people’s feelings that a partnership was smelted in the fires of ideas.
A: Waxing are we?
Z: Waxing what?
A: Don’t go there.
Z: Generally, comments are understandable but every once in a while you get a ring-dinger.
A: Favorites?
Z: Yes… two.
A: Don’t go to that place where they asked you about spanking. (Finger waggle returned accompanied by shame-shame-on-you eyes)
Z: Fine… then one. (A bit of his full-face grin slid)
A: What?
Z: One woman asked us who won when we came to a point of conflict. Remember?
A: Yes. Do you think she was trying to get us into a fight? (Sporting the aforementioned yeah right face)
Z: You and I fight? That will never happen. (Returning a similar glare)
A: We fight all the time! What are you talking about?
Z: We have never fought a day in our lives. (Believing he was debating)
A: That’s right we have been celebrating in the victories of readers, for the stories are our gifts. What makes them better, wins. Never us. We each fight for the story.
Z: Tennis anyone… 40-love.
A: Singles?
Z: Dooouuubles!
Z: Our partnership has been a perfect one plus one equals three synergy. This would be an apt time to provide a detail or two on why we have chosen to write novels with a strong romantic base.
A: 'cause, I was pushy!
Z: Pushy is good but that's another blog for another time. By the way, you were right.
A: Ah, can you put that in writing?
Z: Duh, just did.
A: The feelings of love are universal. Attaining love has been an omnipresent quest throughout time. Defining love a grand challenge. Helping others feel it... beautiful.
Z: I concur, feelings, emotions, struggles, fears, and craves have been the primal drive-engines of both men and women doing the thrust and parry, emphasis on the thrust, of the fencing match of mating.
A: You know, I believe in love.
Z: And I believe anyone can find love, anyone, everyone, it is out there, sooo, grab it by the collar and yell, “Stop… I know you could love me… try!”
A: Cool metaphor.
Z: Steamin' metaphor!
A: I swear I could write a love story about frogs.
Z: That’s easy… have you seen their tongues.
A: Ziiiiiiiii!!!!


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