Monday, July 15, 2013

Welcome Kharisma Rayne today

Thanks so much for Dawn to allow me to be here. This was initially set to be a book tour post, but real life has been kicking me lately, so the book release isn’t going as planned. But I still get to be here (YAY!) and unfortunately I’m terrible at topic ideas. So, let’s do a Top 10 list. I used to do the Thursday 13, so I’m hoping I can pull this off ☺

Topic? Television, of course. I never used to watch TV unless it was sports, but over the last few years, I’ve been sucked in. Here’s my Top 10 shows (not in any order because I can’t really determine which would be my number one choice).

1)      – Spartacus: I am so bummed this show is over. But, it was one that you knew when you started watching it…couldn’t go on forever. If you watch my blog, you’ll know Gannicus (Dustin Clare) is my favorite (right…I know…I don’t watch for Spartacus but for a secondary character lol). I love the way the producer did the show. Brilliant battle scenes and graphic blood.

2)      – Dr Quinn: Another show that was ended years ago. I still watch this on DVD (yes, me – a non-violent show). My absolute favorites are seasons 1-3.

3)      – ER: One more that ended a number of years ago. I used to be in the medical field and I guess that’s my only excuse for enjoying this show ☺

4)      – Dexter: I hear all the time how hot Dexter is – but I don’t think so. However, I truly enjoy the show and the thoughts surrounding it. I have yet to read the books (I do have them) –but they are on my to read list. Generally, the books are always better than the show and the show has been fantastic. Unfortunately, I think this is the last season.

5)      – True Blood: Say what you will about the show and/or the books. To me, even though the show has gone very far from the books, it’s good. And Eric and Alcide (yum)… Anyway, the books have steadily gone downhill and I hated how the book series ended – I’m hoping the show will do better and that it won’t end now that the last book has been published.

6)      – Sons of Anarchy: Jax… I’m not liking the way the last season ended, but I love this show. Jax… Unfortunately, I know this is another series that can’t go on and on.

7)      – Bones: I got hooked on this by accident when season 5 was about to start. I watched all 4 seasons in the course of like 2 or 3 weeks (insane?). I’ve been hooked since. I’m not enjoying quite as much now that Bones and Booth are together – but I still check in.

8)      – Grey’s Anatomy: Another accidental hook, shortly after I started watching Bones (naturally since this came on after). Another medical type show, so…I’m blaming my past medical profession for enjoying this one as well.

9)      – Walking Dead: Total accident on this one too. I caught a weekend marathon this year of the show and it was right before the new season started. So, I got to watch all the episodes and then the new season too. I’m not generally one for Zonbies, but so far so good on this show.

10)  – Game of Thrones: I love this show. (I even have a puppy names Khaleesi.) The books are as good as the show on this one (though I’ve still got a few more books to read in the series). I’m not sure how long the story will progress, but I hope it does ☺

11)  –Vikings: I was hooked with the first bloody battle scene. I love the way this has been done and I’m hoping it continues for years to come. I know some aren’t happy with the way the Vikings are portrayed, but being Scots and having a bit of Viking blood in there somewhere, I realize times were different and every day was a struggle. I don’t care much for Ragnar’s brother…but I’m loving the show.

12)  – Legend of the Seeker: I miss this! I thought it was great and pulled from television far sooner than it should have been. (psst – the books are a great read too, if you haven’t – there’s a lot of them). Although I might have chosen someone else to play Richard.

So, you’ll have to forgive me as I went over my 10. But maybe because several are no longer showing I can sneak in a couple extra?

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Here’s a little peak at Highlander Mine (those preferring the novel all at once rather than episodes, it’s coming this fall ☺) – these 3 episodes were releases in the last 30 days:

Episode 11:
Helpful friends and Auralee and Breandan trying to find their place together has this episode moving on and their relationship starting to form.

Episode 12:
The wedding is here. Will it go off as expected as egos continue to argue over who can make Auralee's choices?
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Episode 13:
Join Auralee and her husband on their wedding night.

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