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Blog Barrage~Michael Mandrake's I Like Em' Pretty Plus a contest

I Like Em' Pretty (N’awlins Exotica #1) by Michael Mandrake
Erotic M/M Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Categories: Interracial/Multicultural
Publisher: Triad Literary
Heat Level: Steamy
Word Count: 70,000

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The city of New Orleans is rich in tradition, diverse, and known for the inspiration it provides. In the “Big Easy” there lies the hunger for the erotic as well as the unknown. The residents here feel that sexual energy and it reveals itself through their various creative activities.

Join the characters as they take a wild ride on the edge, enjoying their town for all it has to offer. There’s a certain magic in the air, an erotic magic that cannot be ignored.

New Orleans is supposed to be the big easy. One night changes everything for Frankie Choteau.

New Orleans. A city rich in tradition, diversity, and on the comeback trail from hurricane Katrina. Francois “Frankie” Choteau, a resident of this town, a cop with a hot temper and low tolerance for bs. Kajika Fortier, a transplant from Oklahoma came here looking for a dream and unfortunately it’s turned into a nightmare. On a hot summer night, they meet and cross paths during a very difficult situation. Despite this, the attraction between them is evident and loneliness for both men is a fate worse than death. They’d both like a chance at happiness but will the circumstances and Frankie’s uneasiness prevent their happy ever after?

Warning: This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 as it contains adult sexual situations and/or adult language, and may be considered offensive to some readers.

Teaser Excerpt:

As they made their way through the throng of people, they flashed their badges, both yelling, Homicide, on their way. Frankie stopped a moment and glanced at the mansion. It looked like one of the plantation houses his granny talked about in her old southern tales. “Hmph, nice. And what happened here?” Why, all of a sudden, had the crime in New Orleans reached the well-to-do part of town, too? Normally, most of them occurred in the inner city or around the Quarter. Robberies and assaults around the Louie Cemetery, murders closer to the Dome in downtown Nola.

Rarely did violence happen in the Garden District. So, if they stayed with that assumption, this could very well be a suicide, but Frankie kept his first thought—things didn’t always look as easy as they seemed.

Frankie yanked at the police tape. He allowed his partner Kenina to go under first.

“Thanks,” she said dryly and headed up the white stairs and through the open door.

Frankie didn’t respond. Instead, he kept his eyes peeled for any clues and took out his notebook. Once the two of them made it inside, Officer Ted Sampson and his partner, David Mulroney came into view. One of them was asking a young man something while the other was busy taking notes.

“Hey, Sampson, Mulroney. What you got so far?” Kenina nodded toward the man they were questioning.

Frankie, however, stopped dead in his tracks. The sounds of people outside, the snaps of the camera, and any other noises fell on deaf ears. Who is this? No way was he checking out the witness in a Homicide case, but his cock betrayed him and told Frankie otherwise.

Long silky black hair, a narrowed face with high cheekbones, a perfect nose, and slim lips. And those eyes—beautiful wild brown eyes, flowing lashes, just like a chick. God, was he pretty! The man’s flesh was a perfect sun-kissed bronze, and even though the rest was covered with a white terry cloth robe, Frankie could tell he worked out regularly.


“This man here says he and his older boyfriend had a fight and the victim pulled the trigger. I guess this would be a suicide.”

“Maybe.” Kenina strolled closer to the young man and nodded in his direction. “Detective Kenina Porter, New Orleans Homicide.” She showed her police badge. “What’s your name, kid?”

“Kajika… Kajika Fortier.” The witness’ voice cracked; he sounded understandably shaken. His hands trembled and his face was wet from tears. Right then, Frankie wished he could just stroke his head and hold him, tell him everything would be okay.

“Pretty name, Kajika. I like that a lot. You mind if we ask you a couple of questions? I know it’s been a rough night for you, honey, but we need to make sure we get all the facts straight.”

Pretty name for a beautiful man.

About the Author: 

Michael Mandrake pens complex characters who are already comfortable in their sexuality. Thorough these characters, he builds worlds not centered on erotica but rather the mainstream plots we might encounter in everyday life through personal experiences or the media. To find out more please visit

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