Thursday, April 25, 2013


So you are tied between two trees?  Spread.  Exposed. 

Vulnerable.   Is it the trees that interests?  
The wood?
The outdoors? 
The risk of being caught?
Or are you fascinated by being tied? 
The concept of being tied is powerful.  It ignites senses, otherwise ignored.  To grant another control takes great strength.  Few have that strength.  Many are thought to be weak for allowing another to take control, however, to give up to their will and desires is a fascinating process.  To withhold "No!" for another's pleasure takes a very giving person.  To allow all your personal space to become another's playground has to be wonderful.  The titillation can be empowering, also, overwhelming in an explorative as well as provocative way.  Would you risk?
What happens first?
Do the dislodging of the buttons of your blouse revel the fullness of your bosom, one not held by a lacy bra.  The skirt allows strong hands to coax the migration of your panties toward your ankles and eventually off, being hurled onto a nearby bush.  You are exposed to his possibilities, afraid, no, you are delighted damp. 
Is he gentle?  
Does he tremble by the gift?  
Do you?
Does this empower him to sexplore all his fantasies? 
Does that cause you trepidation?  No.  Why?  You trust and believe that what he craves you crave. 
Is he slow?  
Is he quick?  
Does he assert power?  
Will he ask your body to do what it never has?  
Is this what you want, or what you need? 
The answer doesn't matter.  For this can take you beyond not having anything matter but this rare moment.  Quivering yet wishing for more...that beautiful more...that endless more.
And the commitment is tremendous.  By giving such of yourself you invest into them in a very unique way.  Oft times deeper, involving a trust that is unconditional.
So being tied... blindfolded... wearing headphones... keeps the outside world away and lets the mind drift within the moment.  An eternal moment.  If they delay and you are waiting where does your mind travel?  
Are you anxious?  
Does this cause you to tremble?  
Are you questioning as to why the wait?  
But the moment the hands caress, the body shudders with the reality that you... only you... are the object of his attention, desire, and crave.  
You want to be all he wants.  
You need to be all he wants. 
You will be all he wants.  
And the details of what he wants no longer matters. 
The being wanted matters more.  And that more is cocooned in a blanket of ache.  Ache that only you can sate. 
So as a red feather is drawn around your rosy taut nipples you tingle with sensation.  As fingernails are carefully raked across your skin you know you are alive with ache.  Ache  coveting momentary dreams that your flesh will asked to be more.  As a powerful hand lifts a leg and invades with purpose, you want to scream for more, but withhold that scream knowing it is their quest and you're the land that they wish to roam.  You yearn to never stop being that land.
So you enjoy. 
And know that you have given another the gift of their pleasure.
Then again you might be a cowgirl who likes to get tied so you can practice untying knots.


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