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My Personal Review for A Volatile Range by Andrew Grey

In this latest installment in the Range Series, we meet a former marine and find out what happened after the death of a beloved character. Get ready for A Volatile Range and settle in for one emotional journey.

My Rating for A Volatile Range: 5 Stars and Recommended Read

For Gordon Fisher, mustering out of the marines has brought it’s own set of problems to deal with. Living out of his car, moving from place to place, running from something even he can’t remember, Gordon is down on his luck and the last of his money when he accepts a job from ecoterrorists to free malnourished animals on a ranch nearby. When one of the big cats takes a chunk out of Gordon, he finds himself at the mercy of Wally, Dakota and their friends on the ranch and Gordon is eager to redeem himself in the eyes of these nice people who are only helping the wild animals before finding new homes for them.

Mario doesn’t know whether to believe in Gordon or not. Still heartbroken over the way his ex left him for brighter pastures, he is drawn to Gordon and soon friendship turns to something more as these two wounded souls find a love worth fighting for…even as Gordon finds a place that soothes the soul and a love that will conquer all.

My Review:

When I saw Andrew Grey tackle the subject of PTSD I was hoping he wrote it in a way that didn't make a victim of the character who experienced it. I have some background as I have a brother who did two tours in Iraq at height of the fighting there dealing with this since he was discharged a few years ago. The pain and the uncertainty these wounded vets have is told in a way in A Volatile Range that really brought tears to my eyes as Gordon fights the nightmares, dreams and memories of losing comrades/brothers in combat as well as trying to stay sane when his life feels so out of control now that he is a civilian again. The way this author wrote Gordon's issues and how he dealt with it was emotional as well as poignant  Here is a marine who faced death every day, did the job while out on patrol and now has to figure out how to live again in a world he doesn't quite fit in. The author delivers some amazing scenes that literally left me in tears as well as a few humorous moments to lift the spirit as well as a chuckle or two as I flipped the pages on my e-reader.

For me, the story is more about two people finding their heart's desire, it is also about the healing power of love as well. here you have two wounded people-mind, body and soul as well as some amazing secondary characters to help things along and you got a story so rich with emotion, so wonderfully written you just can not help but want more when you flip that last page. The author does an amazing job in keeping the reader updated with what is going on with Dakota, Wally and the rest of the range characters we met in past books as well as introducing some new ones in this latest chapter. When I pick up one of this author's books, you get a sense of coming home after a long journey. That love, the connection you feel with the characters is magical and I can not get enough of this author's work. 

A Volatile Range is more than a boy meets boy, fall in love and live happily ever after. It is about second beginnings  of finding your place in a world you just don't recognize anymore and a place where you can find peace even as you fight some demons of your own. With this next installment in the popular Range series, Mr. Grey delivers an emotional rich, character driven story that you are glued to the pages of. I know I always end up falling more in love with these characters-old and new ones. This is an author who knows how to weave a spell around the reader, to draw them into the story so subtly that you are blindsided when you reach the last page and see hours have passed in the day. 

Mr. Grey delivers a fine story in his popular Range series and I am eager to see where he goes next. I highly recommend reading the series in order though each book can be read as a stand alone story. I just feel you get more out of it when you see how it all began for Wally, Dakota and their Ranch. 

Kudos to Andrew Grey for delivering a story that left me spellbound last night into the wee hours of the morning.

The Stories from the Range are as follows:

1) A Shared Range

2) A Troubled Range 

3) An Unsettled Range

4) A Foreign Range

5) An Isolated Range

You can find his Range books as well as other books at Dreamspinner Press in e-book and Print

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