Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Personal Review for The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

When I saw that one of my favorite young adult authors is venturing into the world of vampires, well let's just say I was intrigued to see what she does with it. Get ready for The Blood Of Eden series, a dark dystopian paranormal series that will leave you breathless.

My Rating for The Immortal Rules: Five Stars and a recommended read

The world has changed and vampires rule as humans become their food supply or human cattle. Allison Sekemoto lives on the fringe as it is called, the outskirts of a vampire town, scavenging for food and trying to stay out of the vampire’s way. There are days where she hates with a passion the vampires and what they do to the humans who are their cattle. Until the day Allie is attacked and given a choice-become a vampire or die. Allie now has to learn the rules at being an Immortal and finding out that is you go long enough without human blood, you can literally go insane. But when she is forced to leave the vampire town and go into the unknown beyond it, she falls into a rebel group searching for a mythical cure, one that will cure the disease that killed most of the humans as well as created the rabids, a group of beings that hunt human and vampires alike. But pretending to be human as a vampire is harder than it looks and when Allie meets the human Zeke, she finds herself drawn to the young man even as she tries to keep hidden she is one of the vampires from everyone around her.

Julie Kagawa is one young adult author that I have on auto-buy no matter what. With her trademark writing style, she gives the readers a new series to sink their teeth into. This time she takes the tired vampire genre and turns it inside out and upside down with a new series that will blow you away from the first page. With a fast paced story-line  the reader is drawn into a dystopian world where vampires are the rulers and humans are either blood cattle or rebels hiding from the vampires as they try to survive. This is one story that you won’t want to put down. I know I didn't not until the wee hours of the morning as I just had to find out what happens next for Allie and the rest of this amazing cast of characters.

I got to admit I really enjoyed Allie. She is strong & determined to survive regardless of the cost. Her interactions with the fabulous cast of characters in The Immortal Rules is downright enthralling. She has days where surviving is the only thing she thinks of and other days, hating with a passion the vampires who have turned the last of the humans into their blood source. But Allie’s world changes when she is attacked and given a choice- Die or become one of the vampires. Determined to live no matter what, Allie becomes a vampire and her world changes into someplace where the rules are ever changing and if you go long enough without human blood, you can become insane. This is an author where her world building is just phenomenal and who knows her world inside and out as she delivers such a diverse cast of characters, you can't help but fall in love with them. The characters grow on you-there is no ‘instant fall in love from page one’ characters….here we get to know them slowly and steadily. This is the author’s perfection besides her fabulous storytelling. 

The Immortal Rules is a beautifully well written story that gives the reader a glimpse into a world where there is  no laws governing the  masses, no food or shelter and what humans are left after the Red Lung disease wipes out over seventy percent of the population, well let's just say life isn't on easy street after that. Ms. Kagawa is one author you need to have on your auto buy list and I am eager to see what happens next for Allison and the rest of the cast of characters we met in this first book. 

If you enjoy a new paranormal young adult series that leaves you glued tot he pages until the wee hours of the night, then grab this first book in The Blood of Eden series and settle in for one wild ride from start to finish. I can't wait to see what is next in The Eternity Cure, coming in April 2013.

Coming April 2013...the next chapter in the gripping dark vampire series.....

The Eternity Cure, Book two
Harlequin Teen
Paranormal, Dark Dystopian series, Young Adult

Who are you trying to fool? People are food. ... You're not any less of a monster than I am." -Jackal
Newly-turned vampire Allison Sekemoto must follow the call of blood, like breadcrumbs, to save her sire and mentor Kanin from Sarren, the psychotic vampire holding him captive. The trail leads Allie to her old home in New Covington and the Fringe, but there’s no time for nostalgia.
A new strain of Red Lung—the insidious virus that decimated the human population decades ago—has emerged. This time, it’s fatal to vampires, too. A cure might be among Kanin’s many secrets—if Allie reach him in time. 
But when the brave, fearless human boy she left safely behind re-enters her life, Allie is torn between the remnants of her humanity and the bloodthirst that consumes her. How can two people so different feel so much for each other? One was born good. The other was reborn a monster. It’s a love as undeniable as it is impossible.

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